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Emcee Lady J

Hi folks, Shubz here! Recently, I got in touch with emcee LadyJ to ask her a few questions about her journey as an artist and to also discover what makes her inner geek sing (or in this case, rap)!

1: We ask everyone this: what are you geeky about right now?
All I gotta say is this. If you understand the term “Love & Tolerate” you are 20 percent cooler in LadyJ’s book! >:)

2: What made you choose rap as your preferred method of self-expression?
I found myself having a hard time understanding my own emotions. Like seriously, at the age of 9, I just never seemed to give a crap. Musically, it all came out, whether it was composing the music, lyrics, or otherwise.

3: What boundaries have you faced in your development as a performance artist?
Sacrifice, know what to sacrifice, when to sacrifice, and how to do it. Ya can’t reach where you want to be without it, so ya gotta become a juggernaut.

4: What song did you have the most fun creating?
Off my Our Fantasy mix tape, there’s a song called Lunar Cry. I got to act the most insane I ever got to act on a record. A couple of friends helped me alot with the concept and lyrics; one of them was even on the chorus. (Note: song contains strong language)

5: Are there any upcoming projects you have to share about?
I have a few commercial single dropping soon. Fat Trel and a few other local celebs will be featured. I plan on doing another project for my fellow otaku soon… It’ll be completed before the year is up in time for AUSA and MAGFest!

Thanks for taking the time to geek out with GeekGirlCon, LadyJ!

For more information about LadyJ and her fantastic tracks, visit:
Twitter: @createladyj
Facebook: LadyJ
YouTube: LadyJ’s YouTube Channel (Note: songs contain strong language)

Shubz Blalack
PR Content Producer

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