Ask GeekGirlCon: What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

Hi everyone! Halloween is just around the corner and, as we geeks all know, is a great day for cosplay! We asked our staff what their favorite Halloween costumes were, and here’s what they said:

Anna Daniel, Facebook Administrator

“My favorite Halloween costumes are little kid costumes. Specifically, the costumes that kids love so much that they wear them even before Halloween. Seeing a parent with their little Jedi, monkey, ballerina, etc. at the grocery store is adorable.” Anna Daniel

Erica McGillivray, President and Marketing Director

Erica (left) gets back-in-the-day geeky for Halloween

“My favorite Halloween costume ever was the Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform that my mom made me when I was in 4th grade. I even found a fake visor. It was also the first time I ever cosplayed. Thanks for nurturing a geek, mom!” Erica McGillivray

Tammy Vince Cruz, Vice President and Design Manager

Tammy cosplaying as the Senshi of Revolution and Time, Sailor Pluto!

“Guarded by Pluto, planet of time. I am the soldier of revolution, Sailor Pluto! Well, at least for Halloween. This was my 2nd cosplay, back in the day! I hand-carved the Time Key myself, and the Garnet Orb was even detachable! I’m hoping to reprise a new version of Sailor Pluto in 2013, 15 years later! Yup, I just dated myself.” Tammy Vince Cruz

Susie Rantz, PR Manager

Susie as Daria Morgendorffer — blank stare included

“One of my favorite Halloween costumes in recent years was Daria Morgendorffer. I LOVED Daria growing up, because she showed me that you could be smart, sassy, and challenge social norms. It was a fun costume to put together, but it was also really difficult to take photos, because I usually have a permanent smile plastered on my face.” Susie Rantz

There you have it, folks! What was (or will be!) your favorite Halloween costume?

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