Ask GeekGirlCon: What Was Your Favorite Part of Emerald City Comicon 2014?

Would anyone in the world be surprised to learn that several staff members of GeekGirlCon are huge fans of other conventions as well? No? Didn’t think so. Where comic books, cosplay, pop culture, and nerdy fandoms combine, we geeks will surely coalesce!

For this month’s Ask GeekGirlCon, a few GeekGirlCon staffers offered info on their favorite parts of another convention set here in Seattle, Emerald City Comicon. It took place March 28-30, and took over many of our lives  — in a good way — for three magical days!

blyss and sarah

Staff Copy Writer SG-1 enjoyed several aspects of ECCC this year. “My favorite part about Emerald City Comicon is usually sitting in the large main room, seeing the actors from various television shows and movies who come to speak to the fans. Some of the fans’ questions are awkward, at best, and some–mostly the little kids–are absolutely adorable. This year’s lineup was no exception, but it’s so long you need to go to the website and check it out for yourself. My favorite guest presentations were Richard Dean Anderson, Alan Tudyk, Mark Sheppard, Karl Urban, Ron Perlman (that VOICE…), Kris Holden-Reid, John de Lancie, Michael Dorn, Jim Beaver, and Stephen Amell. Instead of having local radio personalities moderating these panels, ECCC brought in actress Clare Kramer, best known as Glory of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame. She was definitely an improvement over the radio personalities!

“This year, my absolute favorite parts about ECCC were intertwined with sharing the experience with my friends: my friend Heidi, who I met at ECCC several years ago; my friend Phil, who is the knowledge base of everything Star Trek; my adorable friend Blyss, who now lives in Portland and I never get to see; and especially my roommate, Kevin, whom I’ve known since high school and who finally moved to Seattle last year. Spending time with my friends was truly the best part of Emerald City Comicon; seeing the actors I admired took a backseat to that, and for the first time, it made the whole weekend seem complete.”

kevin and sarah

Exhibitor Services Manager Kris Panchyk has had a multitude of fantastic experiences at Emerald City Comicon. “This was my sixth year working as a Department minion for the Photo Booth area of ECCC,” she explains, “and I have to say that my favorite part covers a couple of different areas.  Firstly, I get to see the wonderful and imaginative costumes on attendees — there are so many, and from so many different fandoms!  Secondly, talking to the attendees, even for a brief time, and they’re all excited about who they get to meet.  And thirdly, seeing them come out after getting their pictures taken — so excited, some crying, some laughing, all so happy;  it makes all of the hard work worth it! I’d pick a picture to share, but I started here and there are way, way too many awesome ones to pick from!”


Executive Director of GeekGirlCon Amanda Powter not only had fun at the event this year, but also made exciting plans for 2015. “I had a great time attending ECCC this year. They mailed out their badges for attendees ahead of time, which I think made a huge difference in how easy it was to get in. I thought the packed panel on The Changing Role of the Character of Color was interesting and generated excellent dialogue, thanks to the fabulous panelists Jennifer K. Stuller, Dr. Raychelle Burks, and Kristine Hassell. However, I think my favorite thing has to be the mind-boggling Exhibitor hall(s)/floor/space and Artist Alley. It was unsurprisingly packed, but well organized for browsing and serendipity — my new nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics were my first purchase, and after picking up some amazing exclusive items, resisting a leather Mario or Luigi hat, and meeting some of my favorite artists, I finally succumbed to my long desire to have a Geek Chic table of my very own (well, in a year).”


Adrienne Roehrich, Manager of Editorial Services and Vice President of the Board, states, “I thoroughly enjoyed myself this year at ECCC. I went with my husband and he bought some books and got them signed by a musician he is a fan of in both music and comics. He says chatting with Claudio Sanchez and getting those items, including 2 records, signed was his highlight this year.  I purchased a set of comics for my daughter about teaching English in Japan, which she enjoyed a lot.

“I attended panels discussing important topics and panels with celebs. My favorite part, though, was not one instant, but rather the collection of conversations I had with so many people. I caught up with old friends I only ever see at Cons, and met new people. The discussions I had this year were lovely and many involved the representation of under-represented people in comics and media. These were very cool conversations and were definitely my favorite part of Emerald City Comic-Con. A couple of these conversations led to purchases for myself (see image). You may see a review from me on these in the future.”

IMG_20140403_175533 (1)

Kristine Hassell, Social Media Manager and President of the Board, got to be involved with Emerald City Comicon 2014 in a very exciting way. “My favourite part of ECCC this year was actually participating as a panelist with friends and fellow GeekGirlCon sisters Dr. Raychelle Burks and Jennifer K. Stuller! When I met them outside our room and realized people were queued up for us, it made me feel special and excited to share my views. It definitely whetted my appetite for speaking at other local conventions about diversity in media, and I’m already kicking around panels to pitch for #GGC14!”

ECCC Photo ECCC Panel ECCC Name

As a Copy Writer for GeekGirlCon, I love supporting artists of all mediums, and my two favorite parts of Emerald City Comicon involved revered comic book writers. Thanks to a fantastic friend of mine, I was offered the chance to volunteer at the Image Comics booth, a humbling honor in my book! Chatting with people about the writing of greats like Kelly Sue DeConnick, Greg Rucka, and Brian K. Vaughan was awesome, to say the least.

My other favorite experience at Emerald City Comicon was getting to meet one of my real-life heroes. Dan Parent has been an artist and writer of Archie Comics for two decades now, and my family has countless works of his thanks to our obsession with the Riverdale crew. My siblings and I devoured and discussed Archie comics as we grew up, and still frequently reference them to this day. Little did I know that so many were written and drawn by Dan Parent, and that one day I’d be able to thank him in person for inspiring me to read so much as a child!

I was able to chat with Dan for about fifteen minutes at the Con and am still beaming from it. He is the creator of Kevin Keller, Riverdale’s very first gay character, and I was thrilled to purchase and have Dan sign a hardcover trade of Kevin’s stories. Dan is also currently working with writer, actress, and feminist Lena Dunham (another hero of mine) as she crafts a Girls-esque story for the gang. Cheers to an amazing artist who is doing great things for this classic and beloved comic book series!

Dan Parent collage

What was your favorite part of Emerald City Comicon this year? Do you plan to attend it in 2015?

AJ Dent
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