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Founded in 2002, Big Fish Games is a multi-platform developer, publisher and distributor of casual games, including downloadable, flash, social, MMO, console and mobile games. Renowned for offering A New Game Every Day!® on, Big Fish Games distributes more than 2 million games per day worldwide. With headquarters in Seattle and offices in Vancouver, Canada, and Cork, Ireland, Big Fish Games partners with 500+ game developers, and both develops and publishes some of the industry’s leading brands, including Mystery Case Files®, Hidden Expedition®, Drawn™, Fairway Solitaire™, and My Tribe™. For more information, visit

We Make Games. How Cool Is That?
You could use your education, experience, skills, and talents anywhere in the field of technology. Why not do it at a company and with co-workers who are dedicated to making the world not just a better place, but a funner place?

At EA, we pride ourselves on fostering a genuinely inclusive environment where individuals thrive and innovation abounds. Whoever you are, whatever your thoughts, ideas, background, or goals, you’ll fit right in within our diverse and open-minded culture. Whether you’re quirky or traditional, eccentric or conservative, we want you to play on our team.

Parker is a Seattle based staffing company looking for someone just like you. Customer service professionals, developers, help desk representatives, administrative assistants and more are needed to keep the big wheel of commerce turning in our Emerald City. We hire people of all experiences for temporary, long term and direct hire positions. Apply today!

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