Cosplay Weapons Rules

Cosplay Weapons Rules

GeekGirlCon is delighted to see cosplayers!  However, for everyone’s safety and peace of mind, we do have a few rules about what type of weapons are allowed as part of cosplay.

  1. No real firearms. Period.
  2. With regards to swords/daggers/etc, if they’re sharp or pointy enough to cut or pierce someone with moderate pressure (even if they’re not made of metal), they will not be allowed.
  3. Any replica weapons must be clearly identifiable as fake from at least 10 feet away.  If your fake rifle looks somewhat vaguely real, add an orange safety tip.
  4. Solid props such as staves which are weighty enough to bludgeon someone with a moderate force swing will not be allowed.
  5. Functional fake projectile weapons (think Nerf and Airsoft guns) must be disabled and unloaded.
  6. All weapons will be peace bonded either while you wait in the registration line or at the information booth.  We will add a ziptie that identifies your weapon to staff and attendees as safe and approved.
  7. Aiming, brandishing, pointing, etc, any and all weapons at other attendees is not acceptable. You may mean it in fun, but your fun isn’t worth the alarm you will cause everyone else. In the case of minor issues, weapons will be held at the info booth until the end of the day.  In the event of severe infractions, attendees may be asked to leave.

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