GeekGirlCon Staff answers the question “What is GeekGirlCon to me?”

By now, you may have been to a GeekGirlCon event or followed our updates on Facebook and Twitter as we countdown the days till GeekGirlCon: The Con.  One question GeekGirlCon staff repeatedly asks ourselves is “What is GeekGirlCon to me?”  It is a good question. What relevance does this GeekGirlCon have in comparison to others?

Hop in a time machine back to San Diego Comic-Con 2010 where a panel called “Geeky Women Exist” took place (  Despite being at the same time as a Scott Pilgrim panel, the room was filled to the brim with folks wanting to be a part of the Geek Girl conversation.  The answer was clear – there was a visible demand for an event that not only brings together geeky women and the people that love them, but also celebrates them.

Enter: GeekGirlCon, a new and non-profit organization 100% by unpaid volunteers with a love and a passion for celebrating all types of geeky women . . . and when we say all types, we mean ALL types!

GeekGirlCon is an inclusive community, dedicated to creating a safe space for everyone (not just the ladies) to celebrate the Geek Girl and her accomplishments in the math, science, technology, and other geek-classified fields.  When we say GeekGirlCon is for “everyone, ” we truly mean everyone: women and men, young and old, and from the True Blood fan to robotics major. If you support our mission and Geek Girls, you are welcome here.

The Con is going to be awesome and we are proud of our accomplishments so far.  We are the staff of GeekGirlCon. We impact how women are represented and marketed to within geek culture – one post, one page, one person,and  one day at a time.

– Shubz (Shiboo Angeles Krismer) and the rest of your GGC Staff

“Rock On!”

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