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We are a diverse group celebrating geeky women and girls. Here are some of our staff members at the 2012 GeekGirlCon.

Would you like to help create geeky events to connect with other geeks? What about being a part of the team that puts together awesome GeekGirlCon programming? Do you love creating compelling graphics and designs? Or do you want to flex your social media skills? Are you an accountant with a heart of gold (or a nuclear power source)? Check out GeekGirlCon open staff positions!

After a fantastic GeekGirlCon ‘12 and a little recovery time for our all-volunteer staff, we are kicking things back into gear here at GeekGirlCon. We are already working on plans for GeekGirlCon ‘13 (exciting announcement coming soon!) as well as some great events in the next few months (more announcements coming soon!).

We have also done some restructuring and updating of many of our staff roles, and we have newly opened up some great opportunities to join our staff and help celebrate geeky women and girls. All of our positions are opened up to existing staff and the general public at the same time.

GeekGirlCon is a 100% volunteer teamwe are a diverse group, from tech geeks and wordsmiths to Doctor Who fans and those who play too much Zelda on the weekends. Check out our staff page or some of the Geeks of the Month we’ve profiled on our blog. GeekGirlCon welcomes and encourages people of all geekdoms, genders, orientations, ages, races, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, abilities, and skill levels to apply.

Find out if you are a fit for one of our open GeekGirlCon staff positions!

Why Join the GeekGirlCon Staff?

GeekGirlCon staffers get to help make fun geeky events come together, celebrate the contributions of women and girls, work to make the geeky community more welcoming and open, connect with fellow geeks of all stripes, and have a lot of fun doing it. Being on GeekGirlCon staff is a great way to develop your skills, learn new ones, make connections with professionals in a variety of industries, geek out with fellow fans, and find new geeky worlds to explore. Whether you are hoping to gain new friends, new skills, or just expand your geekiness, we need your help to make GeekGirlCon happen!

What to Know Before You Apply

Every staff position is critical to our success; along with all of the fun, we work really hard to make GeekGirlCon happen. Being on GeekGirlCon staff generally requires 5-15 hours a week of dedication, including attendance at our biweekly staff meetings (weekday evening in Seattle), events, and of course our annual convention. In addition, because in-person communication and attendance at meeting and events is critical to our success, candidates should live in the Greater Seattle area.

Help make GeekGirlCon happen!

Are There Other Ways to Be Involved?

If the time commitment is too much, you are outside Greater Seattle, or there isn’t a fit with our open positions, we will definitely have opportunities for you to be involved in future. Keep an eye out for our volunteer signups or a chance to be part of our street team. In addition, we love to see you at our events throughout the year, so look for lots of great opportunities to meet up, hang out, play games, make crafts, watch TV/movies, and much more. Oh, if you’d like to help make those things happen, check out the special events manager staff positions on our open staff positions page

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Laurel McJannet
“Rock On!”

Laurel McJannet

Back in the day (we won’t say when), Laurel cut out words from Seventeen™, took pictures of friends/cute boys, and arranged them onto her PeeChee, protecting the final masterpiece with strips of Scotch tape as makeshift lamination. Fast-forward a ”few” years later where Laurel now writes, designs and consults as a marketing professional. (She has a B.A. in Communications and a MARCOM Certificate from the University of Washington.) The day she got access from IT to update a website (using straight up HTML, BTW) was the day she became… A GEEK. This website led to more websites and managing major ecommerce projects. Today, there isn’t a CMS she can't figure out, she’s mastered the art of translating tech-speak for the non-techie, and she is proof that marketing and IT can co-exist and not implode. Laurel enjoys all things Apple™, yoga, and the antics of her 8-year-old son (which she writes about on her blog and FB.) She is a recovering Tetris, Farmville, Café World and Cityville social gamer who now feeds her addiction with Clash of Clans, Plants vs. Zombies, Faireway Solitare, Draw Something, and Words with Friends on her iPad. Let’s play!

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