It’s Captain Picard Day!

All right, girls and boys, it’s time to get your art projects ready!

What are we making today, you ask? Well, we’re making – drawing, painting, sculpting, or otherwise constructing – an image or model of our very own starship captain, Captain Picard. Why today? Well, because it’s Captain Picard Day on the USS Enterprise!


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In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Pegasus”, the date is mentioned as Stardate 47457.1, which corresponds to the 21st century’s date of June 16th. This is the day when the school children on the starship Enterprise compete for the best “Captain Picard” they can make. The captain will judge each entry and select first, second, and third places, as well as four honorable mentions. It’s fun for the children, and they get to learn about life in Starfleet as well.

Tune in next month for Commander Riker Day!

(not really…just kidding!)

Sarah Grant
“Rock On!”

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