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The GeekGirlCon 2016 Exhibitor List

Without a doubt, the Exhibitor Hall and Artist Alley are some of the most pivotal aspects of any convention. I mean, who doesn’t love a smidge of shopping in the midst of your nerdy ventures, right? Sheathe your cosplay swords because today, I am very excited to announce that we can finally share the list of our Exhibitors for GeekGirlCon 2016!  


Photo courtesy of GeekGirlCon via Flickr.

There are over 175 great vendors, artists, and artisans alike joining us this October. That’s almost double the amount we’ve had in previous years, thanks to our recent expansion! We’ll have everything from nerdy bath bombs by FrakkingBombs to some hilariously relatable cat paintings by Kitty Cassandra. There’s bound to be something for every geek, every wallet.

Are you excited yet?  Because without any further ado, here is our full list of Exhibitors for 2016:


2.5d Dioramas
Acacia Torres
Academy of Interactive Entertainment
Ada’s Technical Bookstore
Adrian Ricker
Aimee Zhou Art
Photo courtesy of GeekGirlCon via Flickr.

Photo courtesy of GeekGirlCon via Flickr.

Alexis Moore
Alisha Bishop
Allyson Kelley Illustration
Angelwear Creations
Arctic Phoenix
The Art of Elle Wyant
Art Over Flowers
The Atomic Pixies
Back That Elf Up
Barry Deutsch
Boutique Academia
Brittany Fuerst
Careful It Bites
Carmen Torres
Carrie Potter
Chelsea Hemphill
Chibi Yeti
Chooseomatic Books
Christa Charter
Christina Barton
Christy Bows
Chronos Gifts
Claire Hummel
Classy Looking Nerf Herder
Clockwork Art
Clockwork Dragon
Clover Creek Creations
Collapsar Press
Conjoined Comics
Creative Squirrels
Crystal’s Idyll
Cult Classic Posters
Cute Kick
Dancing Heron Illustration
Dead Wringer Productions
DigiPen Institute of Technology
Dragon’s Hoard Games
DragonStorm Sports
Dragonsworn Cosmetics
Dustin Reese
Ejen Chuang
Elizabeth Guizzetti
Elysian Pearl
Elysium Books
Emet Comics
Erika Rae Heins

Photo courtesy of GeekGirlCon via Flickr.

Everett Comics
Fantasy Flight Games
Fine Art & Random Geekery
Fire Opal Media / 13th Age
Fleeting States Studios
Frakking Bombs
Friday Afternoon Tea
Funko Toys
Fuzzy Slug Studios
Game Over Videogames
Geek Fire Labs
Geek Girls Collectibles
GeekStar Costuming
Geeky Mini
Gem Games & Hobbies
Glacier Peak High School
Golden Glitch Studios
The Gorgonist Illustration
Harebrained Design
Infinite Creature Designs
Jaleh Afshar
Jenn Tran Art
Joamette Gil
Justin Oaksford
Kamakru Art
Kelley McMorris
Kelly Hamilton
Kitty Cassandra’s Cat Paintings
Last Kiss Entertainment
Laura Neubert
Lindsay Ishihiro
Lindsey Reimer
Little CLUUs
Little Vampires
Lucky 13 Lacquer
LuvCherie Jewelry
Margaret Chiavetta
Marisa Erven
Meg Lyman
Megan Missfit
Melanie Ujimori
Michelle Nguyen
Missy Pena Art
Modest Medusa
Monkey Minion Press
Photo courtesy of GeekGirlCon via Flickr.

Photo courtesy of GeekGirlCon via Flickr.

Ms. Martha’s Corset Shoppe
Nancy Matsudaira
NautiArt/Processor Malfunction
Nerd Adjacent Productions
Nerd Cred
Nerdy But Still Girly
Nerdy Cute
Nice Rice
Nichol Cox
Ninjabot LLC
Northeastern University – Seattle
Nubia O’Hare
NW Authors
NW Press
Optimystical Studios
Paper Butterfly Forge
Pennavir Decals
The Pink Po’udo
Primal Spiral
Protokitty Studio
Razorgirl Press
Rebecca Barnes
Renee Nakagawa
Rosey Fables
Ryan George Miller
Salted Melon
Seams Geeky
Sew Cherie
Short Leg Studio
The Shrubbery
Sinister Metalworks
Sock Dreams
Soren Kalla
Stasia Burrington Illustration
Studio Catawampus
Studio Foglio
Sudi Rouhi Art
Sweetgyrl Designs
T.M. Originals
Tassels and Treasure
Teal Sea Art
Ten Hundred
Terrana Cliff
Threnodi’s Threads
Photo courtesy of GeekGirlCon via Flickr.

Photo courtesy of GeekGirlCon via Flickr.

Unicorn Empire
Urban TomBoy Designs
UW Information School
UW Tacoma
Valentine Barker
Valorous Games
Verona the Mad
Wayward Studios
Weregeek Comics
Xib & Vinty
Zoey Hogan


The Exhibitor Hall is one of many great aspects of GeekGirlCon. Join us October 8th and 9th at The Conference Center at the WSCC to see it all. Passes are available right now for purchase online. They could sell out fast, so pick out yours today and we’ll see you at the convention!

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