The Staff

The Staff

GeekGirlCon’s staff is made of 100% volunteers. Right up to our fearless leaders. We are all really geeky. Get to know a little about us.

Care to join us? Check out our open volunteer positions.

Designer – Sayed Alamy

Sayed AlamySayed Alamy was created by an American and Afghan in the humid sun drenched mountainless void known as Alabama. He finished his twelve levels of education by the year two-thousand and advanced on to five more years of advanced training where he received knowledge of design and soul capturing skills of photography. Since graduating from university Sayed has had the opportunity to create in publishing, health and theater. After twenty-eight long years in the void, Sayed packed his car and drove cross-country with his brother. After this epic trip he came to live in the great damp city of Seattle. Sayed has since been doing freelance design while seeking a full time gig in design. When he’s not designing you can find him off doing photography, at a show, playing video games, exploring, trying new foods, hanging out with friends or whatever the great city of Seattle has to offer.

Volunteer Program Manager – Jessica Ballard

Jessica BallardJessica, aka “Jex”, has been a gamer since the age of 3 when she picked up her first controller and rocked out those Atari games. If she wasn’t gaming, she was reading. Still an avid gamer and book lover, Jex strives to feed her addiction with the latest and greatest in both worlds. On top of that, she’s added a love of board games, sci-fi movies, and anything paranormal. Jex has known all her life that event planning was a passion of hers, but it wasn’t until half way through college that she realized she could make a career out of it. She helped plan her first convention at the age of 16 for a youth group she was involved in. From there it was college events and whatever non-profit event would let her volunteer to get experience. In 2009 Jex attended her first geeky convention, PAX. From then on she volunteered at every con in the geek world (well, in the northwest) in order to soak in more of the amazing community and to learn more about the world of convention planning. She has sinced paired down the list to three cons that she works every year (PAX, Emerald City ComiCon, and GeekGirlCon), but hopes that someday she’ll find a paying gig in the con industry so she can work cons full time. Find Jex on Twitter @jexball

Merchandise Manager – Shubz Blalack

ShubzHailing from Seattle, WA, Shubz’ geekery comes from years of gaming, dance classes, and martial arts movies that Jean-Claude Van Damme has been in. Shubz made her debut as a rapper in NerdcoreNow’s First Annual Vocalist/Producer Competition and also won the site’s 2011 Best Newcomer award. Follow her Twitter @shubzilla for more hilarity or find her at for music updates.

Designer – Allison Borngesser

Allison BorngesserAllison hopes to one day work as a freelance designer and have her very own office corgi. She always wondered why she could never seem to find people who loved Minority Report, Back To The Future and Jurassic Park as much as she did. Only recently has she realized that they were all geeks and nerds. She is relatively new to the geek culture and is working on catching up, thanks to friends who have organized nerd movie and board game nights. Donkey Kong is her spirit animal.

In her downtime, she goes to music shows and festivals because she is a big music nerd. When she isn’t wandering the city for a show, farmer’s market, or delicious food, Allison likes to keep up on the tech industry, follow talented graphic designers on Twitter, and spam post amazing art finds across the interwebs. She also loves breakfast. A lot.

DIY Science Zone Project Manager – Raychelle Burks

Raychelle BurksWhen a career as a deadly ninja assassin proved too tame, Raychelle turned to chemistry. She’s currently a postdoctoral researcher at a super-secret-but-not-that-secret institution.  To relax from a day of mad scientist duties, Raychelle enjoys sci-fi/horror movies, knitting, and consuming books of all genres.  In her spare time, she writes about science and culture for a number of blogs and tweets up a storm.


Visual Merchandise Designer – Amber Dawn Bushnell

Amber was born in Seattle and raised in the ‘burbs. She is a graphic designer, painter, and crafter; a real artsy-fartsy type. She loves all kinds of music, books, and movies, as well as learning: Researching new stuff is the best thing ever. Amber’s dad got her hooked on sci-fi movies at a young age and while she loves them, she still can’t watch Aliens without having nightmares (Totally worth it!).

Her movie obsession grew when she bought her first DVD player. Her favorite fandoms are Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, and Supernatural (SUPERWHOLOCK). Avengers is also quickly climbing her list (thank you, Joss Whedon).

Lately, she’s been cheating on Twitter with Tumblr. She thinks GeoCaching is an awesome thing, even though she hasn’t actually tried it yet. Miss Piggy is her personal hero. And she thinks The Pretender was the greatest show to ever be on tv and no one will convince her otherwise.

Community Outreach Manager – Amy Cash

Amy CashIn an alternate universe Amy is a New York Yankee’s relief pitcher by day, Broadway chorus girl by night, and hardboiled 1930’s type newsman on the weekends. In this reality she is a teacher and tutor who enjoys science (fictional and non), swing dancing, sailing, and the company of her fellow nerds. Manufactured in New York during the Nixon administration, she moved to Seattle in the mid-Aughts to study Oceanography at UW. Her proudest Geek accomplishments are coming in 181st at the 2005 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament and beating IBM’s Watson in a Jeopardy test match.

Game Floor Ops Manager – Audrey Chang

audrey changAudrey grew up in Hyrule, and moved to Pallet Town early on. She then relocated to San Andreas, and after graduation, attended a University in Piltover on a blitzball scholarship. Her first day of work in Raccoon City didn’t turn out well, so she took another tour of duty on the USS Ishimura and SSV Normandy before becoming the newest resident of Emerald City, on the lookout for her next adventure. Every party needs a grizzled veteran, and (while not exactly ‘grizzled’), when the time comes, you’ll be glad for her extensive EXP in organizing post-apocalyptical civilizations. But until Ragnarok dares to show its ugly face, she will apply those organizational powers to the gaming floor at GeekGirlCon.

Facebook Administrator – Anna Daniell

Anna DaniellAnna Daniell is a 23-year-old lady who blames/thanks her family for her growing up as a geek. She watched Buffy: the Vampire Slayer with her dad from the first episode; was shown the world of webcomics by her brother; and her mother taught her how to solve a cryptic crossword (which Anna has yet to do on her own). She is studying to be a Speech-Language Pathologist with an emphasis in Deaf Studies. Her career path was influenced by her love of language. Her other obsessions include print comics, webcomics, B-movies, crosswords, dinosaurs, baking cupcakes, cartoons, sci-fi shows & movies, young adult novels, demolishing Super Mario World on the SNES repeatedly, old black & white movies, attending conventions, and all sorts of puzzles.

Copywriter – AJ Dent

AJ Dent HeadshotLong ago, in a land of lakes far, far away (Minnesota), AJ grew up finding solace from winter winds by curling up with Archie comics, feverishly playing Scrabble, and collecting TMNT action figures.  After supercharging her bookworm powers and word wizardry through a B.A. in Creative Writing, she moved to the Emerald City to dive into its thriving geek culture and arts community.  She currently works as a copywriter for and contributes concert reviews and pictures to a number of local music blogs.  If she’s not out photographing poetry slams or dance parties, she’s probably cruising around on her bike pretending to be Catwoman.  Either way, she’s definitely Instagramming and tweeting it all like mad. Go say hi!

Copywriter – Winter Downs

Jess Downs

Winter grew up in England, which provided a foundational love for Doctor Who, Britpop, and tea. Their first novella, written at age 7, was a fantasy adventure influenced by the Narnia books, and they pretty much haven’t stopped writing since then.

At any given time, Winter probably has two or three original works, plus a fanfic project, on the go. They’ve written video games, blogs, novels, and a probably unhealthy number of tweets. Current geeky preoccupations include Marvel comic books and movies, rules-light tabletop storytelling games, and rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the umpteenth time.

If Winter could have any superpower, it would be shapeshifting. Or teleportation. Or shapeshifting while teleporting.

Customer Service Manager – Brittany Edwards

BrittanyEdwardsA recent transplant from upstate New York, Brittany wishes she could get paid to be silly, make squee-inducing cute things, and help others at the same time. Since that’s not likely to happen, she toils away in corporate America during the week. In her free time, she’s usually either tripping over her own feet with her nose buried in a book, playing piano, or working on whittling down her backlog of PC games to avoid getting sucked back into WoW–a real exercise in futility. Commander Keen and Illidan are her favorite game characters. Occasionally, the wild Britality can be found at Green Lake Park with her dog, Corky. She also likes to plan travel expeditions, both impromptu road trips and big trips abroad. Thailand, anyone?”

Copywriter – Sarah Grant

Sarah_SG1Sarah’s true ambition in life is to proofread the Internet for a living. Until that dream comes true, she continues to write her way through life – mainly science fiction and fantasy, but technical writing, copywriting, proofreading, and editing are the mainstays of her business, Write Words, LLC. Sarah’s first memorable geek experience was meeting Star Trek’s Walter Koenig at a convention in 1987; her first words to Mr. Koenig were unintelligible. Sarah mainly gravitates to science fiction/fantasy movies, television shows, books, and short stories, but recently discovered the wonders of comics and graphic novels as well.

Christabelle GranadosinManager of Design – Christabelle Granadosin

Christabelle is a paper nerd and font aficionado thats passionate about good design and the art of putting ink into paper. She began her journey on the design and printing business at the age of 17, designing and overseeing pre-press and production for local publications, music productions and non-profit organizations. With the support of her awesome parents, she was fortunate enough to open a boutique design and print production company that serves small to mid-size businesses in the greater Eastside & Seattle area. She also expanded her pursuits in the arena of social stationery and wedding paper goods – garnering attention of media outlets such as TLC, Country Living Magazine, Daily Candy, Seattle Metropolitan Bride and Groom and Seattle Bride Magazine. When she is not designing, she is the lead singer of the J-rock inspired band Soul Candy – playing different anime conventions and cultural festivals.

Accounting Manager – Karen Hampton

karen hampton headshotKaren spent her formative years growing up as a girl geek in the suburbs of the Jersey Shore. She studied accounting and psychology following the financial crises of the early 2000s. She’s had the opportunity to develop her skills by working in the finance department of hospitality companies. In late 2010, she went on a big adventure – she left everything she ever knew to move cross-country to Seattle, and live among her own kind.  Shortly after arrival, she started attending the big conventions in the area and had some of the best days ever.

By day, she works in (and continues to study) finance and accounting. By night, (when not studying,) her interests include but are not limited to: video games and video game music, animation and gender studies.

Director of Operations – Melodie Hardwick

Melodie HardwickMelodie is a software engineer who loves science fiction, playing all kinds of games, and cooking weird recipes from the internet (much to the chagrin of her two kids).  She plays WOW very recreationally, but can probably pwn you at Tetris and would welcome the challenge.  She grew up in a small town in Eastern Washington, moved to the Seattle area in early 2002, and loves it here.  The trees are green, nerds and geeks are everywhere, and there is no shortage of pub trivia.  When she is not at a computer or off on an adventure, she can be found reading her Kindle Fire in the dark, running just fast enough to elude zombies, or rooting for the underdog.

Social Media Manager – Kristine Hassell

If you seen FNL*, you just got a glimpse into the hometown of the only daughter of Minh Souphanousinphone and Henry Rutherford “Hank” Hill. Despite the lack of nerds on the ground, her nerd education began early. Each month, her father returned from his Naval reserves with a stack of Marvel comics. It soon became tradition to read them together at home. When she wasn’t absorbing all things Thor, she was rollerskating until the sun set or out gallivanting at the local arcade playing Galaxian and Centipede. She still laments the loss of her Commodore 64 with her well-worn copy of Bubble Ghost!

Kristine currently plays in several RPG groups and is delving back into comics. She can be mercurial with what catches her fancy, but certain addictions have endured: live music, reading, food photography, British comedies, hockey, eating out, collecting Pinky:st figures, video games, board games, and new wave music, to name some. Geek bragging rights include: watching every film of original Star Wars trilogy on opening day, even skipping school for ESB, walking the red carpet at the world premiere of Serenity and attending the after party, and being invited to attend the final KITH taping at the CBC.
Kristine lives happily with her husband and their chatty polydactyl cat in a carefully cultivated bamboo forest. You might find her practicing scales on her cello but you’ll definitely find her twittering madly @GermanCityGirl.
*Full hearts, clear eyes, can’t lose!

Programming Manager – Meg Humphrey

Meg’s first and true love is Star Wars, even though it has hurt her. She has gone steady with Stargate SG-1 and has Disney’s letterman’s jacket, but Marine Biology’s class ring. Meg has been on-again-off-again with Baking and has a crush on Criminal Justice. This year she’s hoping that Comics will ask her to prom, or at the very least, share a milkshake (two straws!) with Kirby!

Meg has been Programming staff for Sakura-Con for several years and hosts panels at many geek-themed conventions around the PNW. She enthusiastically shares her geekiness with anyone and everyone and does her best to bring it out in others. Every year she tries to increase her nerd-cred and every year she is successful!

No, she does not dislike Star Trek. The episode “I, Borg” from TNG made her cry.

Manager of Gaming – Alyssa Jones

Alyssa’s first video game experience was wielding the NES Zapper while shooting ducks on Duck Hunt with her grandpa. Since that day gaming has been a big part of her life. Today she can almost always be found scanning Steam for new deals or wrapped up in her snuggie and sock-monkey slippers playing xbox.

When she’s not playing video games, you can often find her catching up on various animes, beefing up her D&D character or initiating some kind of nerf battle.

Even though Alyssa spent more time managing her WoW Guild, DoomKittens, than she did studying, she still managed to complete her BA in Visual Communications. Currently she works as a Playtest Coordinator for Microsoft Studio’s Playtest program.

TBD – Allexa Laycock

Long time Seatlleite Allexa Laycock is an aspiring college graduate, dancer, performer and occasional filmmaker. She believes in Disney magic and dress up with the same intensity that she believes the things we love the most deserve the greatest nuanced critique. A UW Comparative History of Ideas student, Allexa has taught two focus groups on the implications of the Disney Canon. Other over-analyzed loves include, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Whedon etc.), Harvest Moon N64, Harry Potter, persnickety cosplay, some of which you can see here (Jane Espenson approved) 80’s adventure movies (because Goonies never say die) and musicals. A rampant theory head, she utilizes pop culture and performance opportunities to spoofify and analyze life in accordance with the tingliest of theories. She can be spotted around Seattle performing in various Burlesque and Drag shows and quoting Moonstruck at the grocery store.

Manager of Digital Marketing – Richard Lee

richard leeRichard officially became a geek at the age of five, when his cousin put a Nintendo Zapper in his hand.  Ever since, he’s expanded to other areas of geekdom: science, comics, consumer technology, and web standards to name a few.  While developing his geek credentials, Richard also earned Bachelor and Master degrees in Business and Technology.  Today, he practices both subjects at a Fortune 500 company, where he gets paid extra for reciting buzz words.

When he’s not “aligning” and “leveraging” teams for “optimized” “synergy”,  Richard dabbles in graphic design, studies recipes from Cook’s Illustrated, and fights off his League of Legends habit – sometimes successfully.

Web Content Producer – Laurel McJannet

laurel mcjannetBack in the day (we won’t say when), Laurel cut out words from magazines, took pictures of friends/cute boys, and arranged them onto her PeeChee, protecting the final masterpiece with strips of Scotch tape as makeshift lamination.

Fast-forward a few years later where Laurel now writes, designs and consults as a marketing communications professional. The day she got access from IT to update a website (using straight up HTML, BTW) was the day she became… A GEEK. This website led to more websites, intranets and managing major ecommerce projects. Today, there isn’t a CMS she doesn’t like, she’s mastered the art of translating tech-speak for the non-techie, and she is proof positive that Marketing and IT can co-exist and not implode. @mrsmcj

DeneeProgramming Project Manager – Denee L. McCloud

Denee is currently the Education Project Manager at the Institute of Translational Health Sciences at UW Medicine. She has over ten years of project and program management experience in the arts and sciences. In her spare time, she has volunteered for various organizations, including the Multifaith Works, International Rescue Committee, One Reel, Friends of the Children, and the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival.  She is obsessed with zombies and vampires. This fascination with the undead makes her a bit uncomfortable.

Reaction Manager – Josh Michaels

josh michaelsWhen not working cons or climbing rocks,  Josh spends his time soaking up the sun when he can, searching the dark corners of the internet when he can’t.  A life long geek, eternal nerd,  and awkward outdoorsman, Josh enjoys the great open environment that GeekGirlCon provides.  If you need help at the convention, don’t be afraid to call on him.


 Manager of Registration & Admissions – Rose Minier

Rose MinierRose Minier is a multi-purpose geek. She recently had to move into a larger apartment to accommodate her book and comic collection, including an entire room dedicated to sci-fi/fantasy. She is also an avid gamer, with especial love of RPGs (traditional or computer) and German board games. At 18, she dropped out of college to found a broadband ISP with friends; the company is still running strong, though she ran screaming from the professional IT world.

Outside of traditionally geeky pursuits, Rose knits almost continuously, serves on a board at Seattle Opera, and tends (and grazes her way through) a large vegetable garden.

Gaming Event Coordinator – Andy Munich

HSAndy Munich has been making adults cry. Using dice. For years.

Let’s start again! Andy Munich has been running all kinds of tabletop (and laptop) roleplaying games since he began making up adventures (with nothing but a worn Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition Monster Manual) on the playground in fifth grade. Over the intervening 20-plus years, he’s honed the craft of the Game Master with a variety of game systems, before falling in love with the Unisystem by C.J. Carella.

Nothing brings him greater pleasure than causing his players to forget the world they live in for a few hours as they become lost in one of shared creation. And if he can wring out a few tears, all the better. He has been known, on occasion, to elicit laughter as well.

Andy lives in his own head, which is located in Seattle.

Exhibitor Services Manager – Kris Panchyk

Kris PanchykIt took going to college at a small conservative Southern Baptist school to get her started in the geek world, where she was offered the opportunity to join a 2nd Ed. D&D game run by some of the drama majors. Once the first character was rolled up, it was a short step to vampires, werewolves, and superheroes, and she hasn’t looked back since.

When she’s not working as a project manager at a litigation support firm, she’s roleplaying, watching various geeky TV shows, knitting, and attempting to read everything she can get my hands on. In her OTHER other spare time, she volunteers at many of the local cons, specifically ECCC, PAX, and RCCC.

Executive Director – Amanda Powter

Amanda PowterAmanda Powter is somewhere in the geek-nerd-dork continuum and considers herself a geek-of-many-interests/master-of-none. Amanda’s geeky tendencies range from technology, science fiction, TV (almost anything Whedon, Doctor Who, Star [Wars|Trek], Red Dwarf..) & web series, to comics & graphic novels, board games, lock-picking, food/cooking, and casual web games.

Amanda grew up just north of Seattle and left a promising junior high career to start college at the age of 14 via the Robinson Center for Young Scholars at the University of Washington. She spent her undergrad studying Latin & Ancient Greek then returned to the UW to master Library and Information Science. She now spends daylight hours working as a Director of Product Management at a technology startup where she secretly hopes to bring about an alternate universe, in which Firefly never got cancelled.

Amanda loves to travel and visit India every couple of years. Her superpower’s draining fun from parties.

Street Team Manager – Cole Lundell

coleCole is a full time student and full time System Administrator at the University of Washington. On her rare spare time enjoys playing video games, watching football (Go Seahawks!) and cartoons. Cole spent several years working in the Seattle area video games industry before deciding to return to school, she hopes to return to the video games industry after finishing her undergraduate program. Other aspirations include, becoming Batman, to someday ride an elephant and to find a pair of  black sneakers that go with everything.


GeekGirlConnections Manager – Susie Rantz

Susie RantzSusie Rantz is a Whovian, Whedonista, and Ringer. She spends her days at GMMB, a communications company that works with clients who address important social issues, from education to global health. Outside of work, she loves sci-fi/fantasy, documentaries, her two rotten rescue dogs, and sports (including soccer and fantasy football). Her two tattoos have a connection to three different geeky things: Lord of the Rings, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Doctor Who.

Some of Susie’s most memorable moments include: watching the U.S. Women’s National Team win the World Cup in 1999, missing the chance to compete at the state math competition because her brother didn’t fully erase bubble-test answers they changed, and getting to be the Tenderheart Bear during a play in second grade. Say hello to her on Twitter: @susierants.

Manager of Editorial Services – Adrienne Roehrich

AvatarGGCThis intrepid GeekGirlCon volunteer, then special agent, has now found a place among the staff as a copywriter and now Manager of Editorial Services. When not writing on geeky topics for GeekGirlCon, Adrienne is writing about science or reviews of food, books, and podcasts. You can also find her doing science as a chemist, tweeting, cooking, or listening to podcasts.

Always a bookworm, Adrienne’s top two genres are sci fi/fantasy and nonfiction. To her utter glee, she has her name in the acknowledgements section of more than one New York Times bestselling fantasy book. She loves the social justice issues addressed in Farscape (her favorite show for over a decade), wonders who is Breaking Bad next, waits for new companions to join The Doctor, and knows much more about zombies than she ever wanted. She wishes Dungeon Keeper could be played on today’s systems and would love DK III. She also strums a mean bass in her family’s Rock Band®. (As a note, the photo is from attending 2013 SIFF opening night to see Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing and hear the cast speak.)

Individual Sponsorship Manager – Cynthia Rogers

Cindy RogersCynthia is a ginger.  She has a love for the geek world.  From Anime to the Zerg she loves books, video games, movies and more. Wanting to help young women discover the wonders of the geek world, Cynthia looks forward to this opportunity to work with Geek Girl Con.  Her ambitions are to become a video game producer, make fantastic costumes, and to enjoy everything she does.

Hailing originally from upstate New York, she grew up in Minnesota and went to college in Iowa.  In October 2011 life led her to the Emerald City.  Cynthia also has a great love for music and languages.  She plays flute and piano and has slowly been working towards learning Polish and Mandarin.

UX Designer – Kathryn Storm

Kathryn’s love of geek began with watching her dad build computers, episodes of Buck Rogers, and Broderbund. Kathryn is Intensely curious about the intersection of human behavior and technology and in her former life, formally studied illustration and authored a monthly food hacking workshop in San Francisco. Currently, she is intimately involved with medieval RPGs, catching up on classic science fiction film, and Pacific Northwest adventures with her awesome dog, Regina.

Director of Programming & Events – Jennifer Kate Stuller

Jennifer Kate StullerJennifer Kate Stuller is a professional writer, critic, pop culture historian, and scholar, and the author of Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors: Superwomen in Modern Mythology — a comprehensive history, critique, and reference guide examining feminist history and potential within popular culture (I.B. Tauris, 2010). As an erudite connoisseur of television, films, novels and comic books, with a special interest in gender, sexuality, and diversity, Ms. Stuller strives to be the Joseph Campbell of modern myth — only much more feminist and much less crotchety.

She has written for Geek Monthly and Bitch Media, on everything from James Bond to Jim Henson, to Honey West, Peggy Hill, and Quentin Tarantino, and has also contributed to several books, including Gotham City 14 Miles: 14 Essays on Why the 1960s Batman TV Series Matters (Sequart), What is a Superhero? (Oxford), and Critical Approaches to Comics and Graphic Novels: Theories and Methods (Routledge) – for which she wrote the feminist analysis chapter using 1970s Lois Lane comic books. Her most recent presentation for the Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses, as well as her other work, can be found at her website:

Special Events Manager – Maddy VonHoff

Maddy VonhoffA global citizen with the capacity to geek, Maddy spends most of her time exploring this world and the worlds which we create. She spent her childhood reading comics in the garage, rescuing the princess, and planning events for the neighborhood kids and really, not much has changed. She graduated in 2012 with a degree in psychology and currently uses it to analyze the personalities of her friends, as well as fictional characters. When she is not planning her next trip or convention, she is writing for the geek news website Fanpup, getting unreasonably excited about social advocacy while working with ONE, and trying to find the weirdest mixed drinks in town. You can find her traveling through the social networks @MaddyVonhoff on Twitter and Instagram. Keelah se’lai!

Tabletop Games Manager – Michael “Mikey” Brandt


Michael was doomed from the start; his family’s first TV was a Commodore 64 with an attached VCR and his kindergarten teacher still remembers him as “the kid who could find the answer to any question about dinosaurs.” Growing up he often pooled money with his brother to pick up every board game they found at garage sales. Missing pieces and instructions posed no real hazard for them and they spent hours making rules to work with the mysteries lurking in those marred and much loved boxes. These days his main geekly pursuit is spreading the joys of board games to as many other people as possible and tinkering with a few designs of his own.


Designer – Diana “Di” Wan

Di WanAfter her takeover in the dry Arizona desert, Di, aka Dieborg (a cyborg from the future) now hides out in the overcast city of Seattle. She’s often found at concerts, eating, or exploring the city with her second in command, Pollux, a black and white shih tzu mix. Rumour has it that there are 60+ bears and a growing army of robots lurking in her spaceship and ready for battle. When she’s not designing, she frequently overdoses on Netflix, video games, and shopping for another cd/record to add to her collection of more than 1500 albums. She has a huge weakness for synthesizers and avocados. Her goal is to rid the world of bad design and grow as many avocado plants as possible. You can find her work on and she encourages you to ‘like’ her Facebook page.

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