When Did I Realize I Was A Geek?

by Hannah Ball, online at ePortfolio and Twitter 

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Maybe it was the day I decided to sit at the “weird kid table” at middle school, with nine other girls whom I shared copies of Naruto, Fruits Basket, and Fullmetal Alchemist with.

Maybe it was when I identified so hard with Hermione and her frizzy, curly hair and reading books from the Restricted Section.

Maybe it was when I started entering bookstores with money already rationed out for certain books.

Maybe it was the time I picked out glasses because they resembled Zachary Quinto’s in the second season of American Horror Story.

Maybe it was the time I thrived when my eight grade teacher handed out a sheet to list the books we read for that semester. Maybe it was the time I filled it out in two months and asked for another.

Even though I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I knew, all my life I’ve been a geek.

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Books, tales, stories, myths, character arcs, plot lines, motives, conflicting conflicts, paradoxes, dragons, superheroes, supervillians, questionable morals, the Oxford comma, and metafiction are all things I get very excited about.

I got into Star Trek when the second J.J. Abrams movie came out. Seeing “Star Trek: Into Darkness” once in theatres wasn’t enough. Three times was barely sufficient. This franchise has glued together generations, letting my dad and me bond over the original movies. Since then, I’ve read at least 20 Star Trek books (Spock’s World is my favorite), and I’ve been planning an original series marathon after I finish Supernatural.

Much like Star Trek, my creativity was set anew when The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug came out and I revisited Middle-earth. I made sure to buy a copy of “The Hobbit” with Smaug on the cover, along with five books of the Lord of the Rings series, until I found all three copies of my favorite cover style. I may be obsessed with cast interviews and behind the scenes videos I’ve viewed, but I’m resolved to own every super extended edition of each movie and learn Elvish.

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Half of my Facebook posts and Tweets rage about Game of Thrones. I binge-watched the first two seasons On Demand and read all the books in half a year’s time. I’m in love with George R.R. Martin’s writing style, and my love for the Queen of Dragons is known all across the lands. My Twitter name is Hannah Targaryen, I was Daenerys this past Halloween, and am the owner of three dragon eggs.

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I don’t need to mention Harry Potter since I’ve come to the decision that the world is the Harry Potter fandom. Also, if you brush my curly hair when it’s dry, I look exactly like Hermione in the first two years.

As aforementioned, pinpointing the exact starting moment of my geekiness is impossible, but it fuels who I am as a person. It’s a person I’ve struggled to accept over my long 21 years of life, due to teasing and self-doubt, but I’ve resolved to take part in things that make me happy. Being a “geek” makes me happy, no matter how many of my favorite characters die, or how many T.V. shows go bad or don’t get renewed for another season. Nor does it matter how slow George R.R. Martin writes.

In my opinion, the defining factor of a “geek” is not what we like, but how we like it. Geeks don’t like something half-assed. We adore that something with every minute, every breath, every thought and I know that part of me will never fade.


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