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Happy Holidays from the GGC Family

By Indigo Boock December 19, 2020

This year proved to be a challenge in unexpected ways, but I’m so proud that we’ve made it this far—that we found solace as a community, that we persevered and kept going. We did it together, and we will continue to push forward together.

You’re Invited: A Space-Western Murder Mystery Dinner Party

By Teal Christensen October 20, 2020

Guest post by Maddy Vonhoff of Foulplay You’re invited to a virtual murder mystery experience hosted by Foulplay! Travel to a spaceport full of scum and villainy and spend the night accomplishing your goals, making some new friends (or enemies!), and solving a murder. This game is appropriate for ages 15+. Register for your FREE MORE

@GeekGirlCon Sorry Geekland, we ran into technical difficulties but promise to reschedule these two amazing games another night!…
@GeekGirlCon Join us tonight at 7PM for Spirit Swap Demo followed by our continuation of Rakuen!!
Lofi Beats to Match-3 To is a……

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