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Meet (Some!) of the GeekGirlCon ’19 Featured Contributors

By Teal Christensen August 13, 2019

As y’all know, GeekGirlCon hosts an array of presenters from across fields and fandoms each year. They bring us everything from gaming demonstrations to DIY science to workshops to panels. Among them, we have our Feature Contributors, folks who are new to the con and will be heading some of the biggest and coolest programming MORE

A Q&A with #GGC19 Featured Contributor, Tanya DePass

By Indigo Boock July 11, 2019

It is our pleasure to introduce our first Featured Contributor for GeekGirlCon 2019: Tanya DePass! I had the opportunity to meet Tanya earlier this March during Women’s Month on the Nerdy Venom’s podcast, where we chatted about diversity in the gaming industry. A truly inspiring woman to listen to, Tanya is the founder of I MORE

Come Visit GeekGirlCon at ACE Comic Con!

By Rebecca Anglesey June 18, 2019

Hey, are you going to ACE Comic Con? What a coincidence! We will be there too! While there are many, many, many super guests that we are sure you are eager to see (Chris Evans, anyone?), we would love for you to stop by our booth and see what GeekGirlCon is all about. You can MORE

Agent Applications Open Now!

By Teal Christensen May 17, 2019

In my opinion, the coolest thing about GeekGirlCon is how much customization can go into everyone’s individual experience of the weekend (besides the epic congregation of a bunch of feminist nerds all in one place, that is). Whether that means spending most of your time gaming or cruising the Exhibitor Hall or deep-diving into our MORE

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