25 Years of MYST At GeekGirlCon 2018

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I’m always enamored with the GeekGirlCon content lineup, but when it was announced at a GGC staff meeting earlier in the year that Cyan would be celebrating MYST’s 25th anniversary with us at GeekGirlCon 2018…I was floored.

I grew up with MYST. We’re around the same age, actually—and while toddler Indigo had no clue how to navigate the intricate puzzles, I spent hours peaking over my dad’s shoulder while he explored the mysterious little island. I eventually aged enough to play it myself and it became a sort of tradition to go back to it every few years. MYST followed me into my teens and through my young adult life. When I was still in undergrad, I volunteered for the Art of Video Games Exhibition at the Smithsonian, where a portion MYST was featured as playable content. I spent that summer watching fans and beginners alike tackle a particularly challenging portion of the game, and now I get to relive those memories along with the team while we celebrate the anniversary of MYST and learn more about the studio behind it.

Join Eleri Hamilton, Rand Miller, and Melinda Rose of Cyan on Saturday at 11:30am in Sammus to celebrate the game’s growing legacy:

Since its release in 1993, MYST has had a dedicated following, built a complex world and lore, and Cyan has continued to push expectations of what is possible in video games. Join us as we reminisce on the joys, sorrows, and mayhem of the D’niverse, and ponder the future of Cyan and their fans.

I’ll see you there!

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