GGC’s Executive Director Celebration

GeekGirlCon New Executive Director

Living Computers: Museum + Lab

On Saturday, more than 130 GeekGirlCon staff, volunteers, friends, family, and fans joined together at the Living Computers: Museum + Labs to geek the night away in celebration of our new Executive Director Michele Carrico Domingo.

Guests began the evening with time to explore the museum, meet new geeks, and enjoy delicious refreshments from Swift and Savory food truck, beverages, and water provided by Essentia Water.

It was my first time at the museum and I was blown away by the enthralling exhibits and aesthetic beauty to be found in every corner. On just one floor I met a robot that was able to complete two independent activities simultaneously with more precision and skill than I ever could, enjoyed beautiful interactive digital art, and got to experience a fully immersive self-driving car simulation.

Living Computers Robot

This bot is amazing, and I pride myself on my head patting/tummy rubbing abilities.


The highlight of the evening came when Jennifer K. Stuller, Co-Founder and Director Emeritus of Programming and Events, introduced our new Executive Director. Michele took the floor to express her gratitude and excitement for her new position. She told the crowd that when she first came upon the position online she “saw stars above her computer.” This was her dream job.

She also spoke to the importance of positive spaces like GeekGirlCon, where everyone is supported and respected. She recalled her first time at GeekGirlCon in 2013, and how the Con immediately made her feel included and safe as both a woman and person of color. Spaces like GeekGirlCon are always important, she told the crowd, but they are even more important now in the current political climate.

With excitement for GGC’s future as well as thank yous to the Board and museum, our new Executive Director ended her remarks to excited applause from the crowd.

If one thing is for sure, we are thrilled to have Michele leading GGC. Her passion for the organization’s mission and values radiates from everything she does, and if her first week on the job is any indication, you can expect some big and exciting things for GGC in 2017 and beyond.

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