A Look Inside the Life of a Famous Geek Model

And when I say famous, I mean my pictures have been tweeted and re-tweeted about 50 times. So obviously, I expect to be getting calls to model geek couture around the world.

Any minute now…

GeekGirlCon ‘15 had a brand new feature this year: the GeekGirlCon ‘15 Fashion Show, in association with PNW Fattitude. The idea was sort of radical in the “typical” fashion world: use models of all body types, shapes, and sizes, and let them strut their stuff on a runway. And what better place to showcase the kinds of clothing geek girls love to wear than at GeekGirlCon? Most of the geek wear in the world seems to be made for guys; I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a serious geeky t-shirt collection, and almost all of them are the standard t-shirt cut made for guys. Even the companies that make and market shirts for girls don’t usually have shapes and sizes for anyone but the smallest geek girls, so those of us who don’t fit into baby doll t-shirts opt for the guy t-shirts over nothing at all.

GeekGirlCon and PNW Fattitude aimed to change that, and I’m pretty sure we did! There were several GeekGirlCon staffers picked to be models, as well as a few of the designers themselves. We even picked a random audience member who was sewn into a steampunk Ms Marvel outfit at the last minute!

My intention was to live Tweet the fashion show. Unbeknownst to me, my Twitter account was set to “private”, so none of my witty commentary made it to the public Twitter feed. I intend to rectify that here, so my adoring fan club (I’m sure there’s one around somewhere) can re-tweet my words. That would mean about two re-tweets, so…let’s go!

About 15 models had hair and makeup done in one of the rooms in the Conference Center, all by our amazing friends at Espionage Cosmetics. As we took turns have our hair spiked, curled, braided, or artfully mussed, the conversation was…interesting:


king lear

(I actually want to know…)


winter quote


…and it was AWESOME:

Photo from Journeys in Color; used without permission.

Photo from Journeys in Color; used without permission.


There were three Bombsheller models (and Marissa, the designer, on the far left):

Photo from Journeys in Color; used without permission.

Photo from Journeys in Color; used without permission.


Butterfly Frillies contributed four amazing outfits incorporating corsets and couture fabrics (designer is second from the left):

Photo from Journeys in Color; used without permission.

Photo from Journeys in Color; used without permission.


Unicorn Empire brought us three awesome t-shirts:

unicorn empire

Photo from GeekGirlCon Flickr.


Crystal’s Idyll showed off three shiny metal and fabric creations that wowed the crowd (designer is hiding behind the models):

crystals idyll

Photo from GeekGirlCon Flickr.


And Nice Rice opened the show with their handmade geeky accessories, showcasing looks inspired by the past, present, and future (the designer is in the middle):

Photo from GeekGirlCon Flickr.

Photo from GeekGirlCon Flickr.


I thought I’d get a few odd looks on the bus trip home from downtown Seattle…and then I remembered that for Seattle, I looked almost normal:

4 square

Everyone was talking about the Fashion Show on Sunday at the GeekGirlCon–and everyone loved it. From the music to the fashions to the giveaways in the swag bags, our Events Manager Maddy Von Hoff hit this one out of the park. I’m really excited to see what GeekGirlCon ‘16’s Fashion Show will look like!

What kind of looks would YOU like to see at next year’s Fashion Show?

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