A Party With the Doctor

“Hello, I’m the Doctor.”

“Doctor Who?”

This week, GeekGirlCon partnered with Central Cinema to host a Doctor Who-themed TV dinner. We screened two of our favorite Doctor Who episodes:

“Blink” starring the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, and written by Steven Moffat
“The Doctor’s Wife” starring the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, and written by Neil Gaiman

We also had a lively intermission, as Behind the Blue Door performed a new burlesque act from their upcoming Doctor Who-inspired cabaret show! You’re not going to want to miss this show when it debuts at the end of June.

Behind the Blue Door performers, who gave a teaser for their upcoming Doctor Who-inspired cabaret show!

It’s pretty clear the Seattle area has a lot of Doctor Who fans, as the event sold out! Thanks so much to everyone who came.

I’m a huge fan of Neil Gaiman and always love watching his Doctor Who episode. It’s funny but also so emotional and eerie — that’s Neil Gaiman for you!

Are you a fan of “The Doctor?” What’s your favorite episode?

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6 responses to “A Party With the Doctor”

  1. Joey says:

    Well, as a current Masters in Library & Information Science student, I have to say one of my favorite episodes was Silence In The Library: 1) An entire PLANET as a repository for all the knowledge in the Universe, 2) The introduction and death of River Song, which in retrospect adds to the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey-ness of the show.

    But also Blink scared the hell out of me and I had to sleep with the light on for a couple nights (and I am a grown-ass woman who should fear nothing). And of course, The Impossible Astronaut: “I wear a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool.”

    • Susie Rantz says:

      I am with you on both episodes! I don’t think I realized the true awesomeness of Silence In the Library until it all came together. But as a huge supporter and advocate for libraries, I thought it was awesome. The whole River Song thing was so intriguing as well.

  2. Stephhanie Little says:

    There are too many amazing episodes to pick a favorite! “Blink” and “New Earth” are among my many favorite episodes.

  3. Susie_Rantz says:

    I’m a big fan of the ninth doctor and loved “The Doctor Dances.” “Are you my mummy?” Plus, this speech from the Doctor gives me goosebumps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53CPuFgBK7E.

    From there, it’s so hard to choose. But I’d have to say “Blink,” “The Doctor’s Wife,” and probably about 50 more. 🙂

  4. whatsername says:

    By about halfway through the word “doctor” just started sounding strange and lost all meaning, lol.

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