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For probably obvious reasons, the turn YouTube culture has taken over the past few years has left me feeling rather disenchanted with the whole platform. I still watch some channels regularly, but that habit is often more a practice in nostalgia than anything else. Sometimes I even sense that I’m more forgiving than most when it comes to sticking with creators who tend to let their audiences down over and over again.

There does exist, however, one YouTube creator whose content has only brought more awareness, more understanding, and more pure joy to my life and that is Dr. Lindsey Doe of Sexplanations. My love for Sexplanations has remained steady since the channel’s inception four years ago, but recently it’s reached a new peak in light of recent developments within the community of sex-positive YouTubers. While I have strong feelings about the state of this type of content in general, my main concern at this moment revolves, I’m sure predictably, around Laci Green’s recent confusion of oppressive behavior with free speech. My favorite video that has cropped up in response to Laci’s is this unscripted piece from Marina Wantanabe. There’s also this livestream recording from Kat Blaque that is pure gold.

More than anything, Laci’s videos and following behavior made me altogether more grateful for Dr. Doe. Sexplanations, which is currently over 200 videos strong, delivers comprehensive sex ed in the most accessible way I’ve yet to come across. Dr. Doe has an uncanny ability of making it seem silly that the topics she covers—everything from masturbation to body hair to diy sex toys—might have ever made you feel uncomfortable. This tonal intentionality is one of my favorite ways Dr. Doe makes clear her commitment to accessibility.

In Marina’s video, she says that while hesitant to condemn creators who make sensational content for the sake of growing their audience and securing financial stability, she does believe that that model is inherently incompatible with good feminist and sex-positive work. Because prioritizing measurable, metric-based success over the quality of the content is inherently capitalistic, it’s also inherently anti-feminist.

This brings me to another striking quality of Sexplanations: its community. Sexplanations isn’t a minuscule channel by any means, but it also isn’t wildly well known either. Dr. Doe’s work as a clinical sexologist does not start and end on YouTube. Writing and hosting Sexplanations is a part of a multi-faceted career and evolves in direct relation to the needs and wants of its community. Dr. Doe engages actively with her audience and depends on the support of her Patreon patrons. It’s one of the best examples of two-way communication between creator and viewers I’ve ever seen.  

Dr. Doe is a sex geek if I’ve ever seen one. One of my favorite phenomena on this Earth is the process of traditionally non-geeky topics and content being latched onto by those of us that just can’t engage with things casually. Not every sex-positive YouTuber exudes the kind of energy and overwhelming excitement about their content that Dr. Doe does. As geeks, we need other geeks, and we need those geeks to make things we want and need to exist in this world. That is what’s happening over at Sexplanations, and I feel good knowing that while I can no longer even distantly support some sex-positive creators, there are those that I can and will.

Just Dr. Doe dressed up as a clitoris. Nbd. Source: DFTBA

Teal Christensen
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Teal Christensen

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