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Mission & Values

Our Mission

GeekGirlCon celebrates and honors the legacy of women contributing to science and technology; comics, arts, and literature; and game play and game design by connecting geeky women worldwide and creating community to foster continued growth of women in geek culture through events.

Our Values

1. Welcome.

No “Geek Cred” is required to be part of GeekGirlCon, whether staff member, volunteer, fan, or con guest. Anyone who self-identifies as a geek and supports the achievements of women in geek culture can be a part of GeekGirlCon. (See #5, if you don’t believe us.)

2. Community.

It is not about “you” it is about “us,” so kick judgmental tendencies to the curb. GeekGirlCon works to create a supportive, woman-positive culture to grow professionally and personally.

3. Empowerment.

GeekGirlCon honors and celebrates the past achievements of female geeks while looking toward the future of woman-positive geekdom. Improving the spaces that female geeks inhabit will consequently improve the spaces that ALL geeks inhabit.

4. Diversity.

At GeekGirlCon, we take our commitment to diversity and inclusion seriously. We never remain complacent, and make every effort to foster diversity in the people who make up our community, as well as the programming that comprises our annual convention.

The diversity of our community reflects our commitment to diversity. Our volunteers come from an array of backgrounds. They bring unique experiences and insights to GeekGirlCon and, in the process, enhance the discourse within our organization.

5. Inclusivity.

GeekGirlCon strives to be representative of our greater, diverse community, and we embrace all types of people, PERIOD. There is no way to list all the subsets of folks that now or in the future will make up the body of GeekGirlCon. ALL ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, sizes, abilities, ethnicities, nationalities, races, creeds, religions, familial statuses, physical and mental abilities, alien species, earth species, education levels, science specializations, operating system preference, fandoms, etc., are welcome. Anyone supporting women in geeky pursuits is welcome. (See #1, if you don’t believe us.)

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