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The GeekGirlCon Fashion Show returns! Join us Saturday night at 7:30pm in Tahoma 3/4 – Garnet as a diverse group of geeks walk the runway modeling outfits created by talented geek fashion designers. Learn more about what inspires these designers as we celebrate how empowering geek fashion can be for all geeks, and highlight what needs to be changed so that geek fashion can be truly inclusive for everyone. Come for an unforgettable night of geekiness, fun, and fashion!

Featuring host Sophy Wong, music by DJ Trishy, and accessories that have been provided by Outsider Comics & Geek Boutique.

A very special thanks to our partners Espionage Cosmetics and VAIN Hairstyling for their support of the Fashion Show.

Featured Designers

Little Petal

Haute Geek

Elhoffer Design

Booty and the Geek


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