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Join us for the GeekGirlCon Fashion Show on Saturday, October 27 at 7 pm in Tahoma 3/4 – Garnet! Celebrate the power of geek fashion with us as a diverse group of geeks walk the runway in outfits created by six companies. Learn about what inspires these designers, the changes they think the industry needs in order to become truly inclusive, and more! You won’t want to miss this night of fashionable, nerdy fun!

Featuring host Tara Theoharis and music by DJ Trishy.

Special thanks to our partners, Espionage Cosmetics and Gary Manuel Aveda Salon for their support of the GeekGirlCon Fashion Show.

Featured Companies


Three people stand in a forest wearing custom clothing designed by Elleveve

Photo: 2015 || www.studiomathewes.com

The Quirk Shop

Woman wearing a long-sleeved black shirt that reads "Black Panther is already the greatest movie ever to exist." - The People designed by The Quirk Shop


Two women smiling at each other, wearing leggings with comics and gaming patterns designed by Bombsheller

Photo: Stephen Klise

Violet Phoenix Designs

A woman, Violet Phoenix, wears a purple dress with a spider print

The Colorful Geek

A woman looks down at a grey long sleeved shirt that reads Fight Like A Woman designed by The Colorful Geek

Castle Corsetry

Three women dressed as the witches from Hocus Pocus in costumes designed by Castle Corsetry

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