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Gaming Basics

We have a new location for the Game Floor at GeekGirlCon ’18! Come find us on Level 3 – Tahoma at the top of the escalator.

Let’s Play Stage

Join developers, creators, and influencers as they play the games they love, chat about the games they’ve made, and have some fun on our Let’s Play Stage. We have Tabletop and Video Games content on both Saturday and Sunday.

Video Games

Console Free Play

Console Free Play returns to GeekGirlCon with this year’s best co-op titles alongside the single player hits. Come bring a friend or make some new ones!


Hosted Play

Join game companies and reps as they demo their creations on the Game Floor. Play a classic or learn a new favorite. There is even an unreleased game to test out! Tables are color-coded based on the type of game: Green = RPG, Blue = Card/Board/Dice.

Freeplay and the Board Game Library

Check out a game at the board game library brought to you by Mox Boarding House.


We invite everyone to participate in our tournaments so we start with a tutorial and practice rounds. If a tournament catches your eye, sign up at the Game Info Booth! No experience needed. If you already know how to play, our agents will let you know the specific tournament kick-off time or you can show up early and help others learn!

Game Info Booth

Looking for the right game but don’t know where to start? Have a question about a demo? Need someone to engage with in witty banter? Stop by the games info booth for help with all your gaming floor needs! Sign-ups for tournaments and RPGs are also located here!

Check out some organizations and people hosting games and demos below.

Organization About
Heart Of The Deernicorn presents Best Friends Forever BFF is a tabletop role playing game for 2-6 players of all ages. In it we tell a story about a group of young friends hanging out, having adventures, and exploring how our friendships change and grow.
Dungeons & Dragons New Card Game It’s time to split the party and unleash some mayhem! Do you like Dungeons & Dragons? Do you like card games? Do you like playing Dungeons & Dragons card games before they’re released? You are in luck! In this an action-packed, easy-to-learn, family-friendly not-yet-released new D&D card game, you take on the role of one of four brave, quirky adventurers battling it out in a dungeon full of treasure! The designers will be demoing both days from 12-4pm!
The Lady Planeswalkers Society The Lady Planeswalkers Society aims to create welcoming environments for all genders and skill levels to learn and play Magic: The Gathering! Outside of running tournaments every week, the group’s dedicated, experienced staff teaches Magic at many conventions.
ZeroD20 ZeroD20 is an inclusive gaming podcast site that aims to improve representation and promote underrepresented voices in gaming. Stop by and play some trpgs with them!
Green Ronin Green Ronin Publishing is a Seattle based company dedicated to the art of great games. Join them on the game floor to check out Dragon AGE – a Dark Fantasy Roleplaying game or Blue Rose: The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy.
Puppy Slime Games Originally from Hawaii, Puppy Slime Games is a small board game publishing duo currently located in the Pacific Northwest. We successfully Kickstarted our first board game, Paws and Padlocks, in the summer of 2017. We hope to publish more board games in the future that focus on diverse characters, inclusive to all players, and creative game mechanics.
playtestNW playtestNW is a collective of designers with the sole mission of bringing enjoyment through tabletop games and game design to the masses. Our playtestNW events bring eager playtesters, gamers, and game designers together to playtest and build great games together. Join us at GeekGirlCon to playtest games by local designers and enter our playtester raffle to win games as prizes!
Outsider Comics Outsider Comics game table will feature DMs who run inclusive one-shot RPG adventures. We’ll have a variety of RPGs, but will host 7th Sea and D&D 5e one-shots that will last about 3 hours and are open to anyone over the age of 13, with no experience or years of experience.
Whiskey Ginger Games Food Truck Champion is a competitive card game where you take on the role of a new food truck looking to become the most popular. You will hire staff, gather ingredients, and complete orders to earn awards and popularity. At the end of the game the food truck with the most popularity wins!
Forrest-Pruzan Creative Forrest-Pruzan Creative are a passionate and talented team of game developers who are known for their wide range of mass market games and products. Forrest-Pruzan works with retailers, publishers, and esteemed clients in a multidisciplinary product development studio to produce about 70 products per year and boasts a 300+ game portfolio. Be sure to stop by their table to play their newly released games!
The Seattle Dungeons & Dragons and RPG Meetup Group The Seattle Dungeons & Dragons and RPG Meetup Group is a group run by volunteers, open to anyone who wants to play, talk about, or learn about Dungeons & Dragons in the Puget Sound area. We also support other role-playing games (RPGs) like Dungeon Crawl Classics, Pathfinder, 13th Age, Tales from the Loop, Starfinder, and previous editions of D&D. We have multiple game events occurring weekly for anyone interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons as well as a few Meet & Greet events, social events, and workshop events.
Myst Tabletop Games Relive the Myst series in tabletop form. Come learn to play Ayoheek and Gemedet (all ages), or gather a team and try to solve the D’ni Puzzle Box Adventure. PLUS delve deep into the mysterious world of Myst in Unwritten the RPG, with sessions hosted by author Veronica Hamilton with special guest, Myst creator Rand Miller (see sign-up sheet for session with Rand Miller)!
Star Crossed: The Two-Player Game of Forbidden Love Savor two characters’ irresistible (but probably doomed) attraction in this deliciously fun tabletop game by Alex Roberts!

Games on Demand

We are Narrative Games Northwest, a group that plays cooperative storytelling games. Come down to our Games on Demand table in the gaming room and sign up to play storytelling games with us! We’ll be playing games that allow players to construct their own characters and/or play out stories with each other. Only your imagination is the limit!
Asmodee Whether you’re looking for a fun game for the family, an engaging conflict between friends, or a controversial and exciting face-off, Asmodee has something for you. Founded in 1995, their best-sellers include Splendor, Dixit, and 7 Wonders.
GeekGirlScouts Bring your compass, sash, and sense of adventure as you explore an exciting gaming experience designed and facilitated by the Girl Scouts of Western Washington!
RPGs with Andy Join our game master laureate Andy Munich to learn and play RPGs. New players and seasoned campaigners are welcome. Play something you’ve never played before or return to an old favorite! Check out the gaming floor for times and more details.
Shel Games The Shel Games team created Card Castle, a card slap game featuring battling armies, powerful wizards, and fiery dragons!
Pathfinder Society Join local Pathfinder Society members for an introduction to the Pathfinder RPG, an evolution of the world’s oldest fantasy RPG, and the genre of d20 roleplaying games. We’ll provide the supplies! With strict policies against bullying, Pathfinder Society groups provide a fun, welcoming environment for roleplayers of all ages.
Steve Jackson Games Steve Jackson Games, based in Austin, Texas, has been publishing games, game books, and magazines since 1980. SJ Games recently released the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, based on its best-selling game Munchkin! Other top sellers are Simon’s Cat Card Game, Zombie Dice, and Illuminati.

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