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Can’t get enough of GeekGirlCon programming? Join us online on our Twitch channel to get some early access and 100% free content before November the 5th!

Growing 1% each day: A Guide to Continuously Improving Your Brand
Thursday, Oct 6th at 7pm PT
If there’s one thing we all hate, it’s getting stuck in one place forever! In this discussion, Alexandra will share her knowledge from books, clients, and experiences as a strategic consultant on how you can grow continuously every day.

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Latinx in Gaming – You Belong Here
Tuesday, Oct 18th at 7pm PT
+1 to Armor Class: Protecting Yourself with Healthy Boundaries
Thursday, Oct 20th at 7pm PT
Geeks who identify with marginalized identities are sometimes treated disrespectfully or discriminated against in geek spaces. It can be hard to determine where we should draw the lines for ourselves and how to enforce healthy boundaries without feeling dramatic or sensitive. Join us as we discuss effectively setting healthy boundaries in geek spaces (i.e., streaming, at cons, and online gaming spaces).

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Once Upon A Bookish Cosplay
Tuesday, Oct 25th at 7pm PT
From titles to TikTok, this panel mixes two favorites: books and cosplay! With Young Adult and Graphic Novels sweeping the globe, cosplay is more integrated with bookish communities than ever before. We’re talking about our favorite book universes, film adaptations, bookish diversity, and tropes we can’t get enough of. We’ll chat while bringing our photography, live theatre, cosplay, historical clothing, and social media expertise. Come hang out!

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Tend and Befriend: The Power of Community-Focused Games in a Socially-Isolated World
Tuesday, Nov 1st at 7pm PT
In the second week of March, 2020, much of the world locked down. In the third week of March, 2020, the game “Animal Crossing” was released. In the two years that followed, people of all ages and skill levels turned to games like this one, seeking a sense of stability and community in a deeply destabilized and isolated world. We will discuss the social impact of these “tend and befriend” style games, and discuss how their lessons can be carried forward as we discover our “new normal.”

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