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DIY Science Zone!

Welcome back three of your favorite scientists who will teach you some awesome DIY science experiments!
Roses are red, violets are blue, it turns out that roses can be blue too? It all depends on pH!
Pull the DNA out of a strawberry with a little soap, a little salt, and a mighty SQUISH!

The Books That Got Us Through

Find out what you may have missed during quarantine, add a few books to that growing to read pile and add some up and comers to your holiday wish list! Seattle librarians and book lovers will unite to discuss the books that got them through the ongoing pandemic.

Straight Ahead: My First Steps in the Animation Industry

Straight Ahead Animation Podcast hosts a roundtable discussion with Stephanie Rizo Garcia, Samia Khalaf, and Li Cree. These rising women of color will be sharing stories from early on in their careers, such as how they broke into the animation industry. What better way to learn what working in animation is like than from those who are just experiencing it. Tune in and see how we can all have a bright future Straight Ahead!


Game Development for All: Our Stories, Our Roles

What is it like to make video games? Join the women from Harebrained Schemes–the makers of BATTLETECH and the Shadowrun series–as they talk about how they entered the games industry, challenges they’ve faced and overcome, and how you can leverage your skills into a games job. From design to engineering, art to production, you’ll learn about the roles within a games studio, the future of the games industry, and how we can make games a better place to work for everyone.

Wellness for Geeks Who Sit

Do you know a group of gamers, writers, cosplayers, artists, or simply folks who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk? This seated movement-based workshop is designed to help with those aches and pains that we develop over time from being hunched over the latest armor build or beating the final boss. Attendees will leave with a brand-new set of skills in their health arsenal including mobility stretches, strength movements, and nutritional tips.

d20 Dames – D&D Live!

The d20 Dames, a daring group of adventurers and storytellers, are back this year for another epic and thrilling Dungeons and Dragons adventure. This year we’re LIVE and anything could happen. Please join us for the fantastic conclusion to GeekGirlCONLINE 2021!

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