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Week 1 – Science & Tech

DIY Science Zone

Join your favorite DIY Scientists to learn about some experiments you can do at home! We’ll explore Paper Chromotography, Water Bottle Rockets, Insect Cosplay (accompanying PDF), Bouncy Eggs, Skittle Science, Jello Optics and have some Space Time.

Fantastic Beasts and How to Save Them

Magical creatures are indeed real, and they have been hiding in plain sight among Muggles for ages. Disguised for their own protection, some of our favorite animals are actually Fantastic Beasts. PJ worked as a muggle zookeeper for fifteen years, ensuring the safety and protection of some of the magical world’s most vulnerable creatures. But now, the wizarding community realizes this isn’t a “non-magical” or “wizard” issue, this is a humanity issue. We need everyone to do their part to protect magical creatures- from the adorable niffler to the majestic phoenix. Discover the wondrous animals hiding within our real world, and learn how our actions can save them.

Geek Pride as an Antidote to Bias in STEM

Join Dr. Kali Cyrus in a two-part conversation about how geek pride has shaped her career as a psychiatrist, professor, and activist. Learn her advice on overcoming obstacles, taking time for self-care, and being proud of who you are.

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