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Week 3 – Arts & Lit

Making Monsters with Evan J. Peterson

This workshop will teach you what makes for a great monster in fiction, films, and other arts. Whether you’re a writer, illustrator, performer, or all of the above, learn to create memorable monsters, who might just become your newest heroes!

Music with Nai Palm

Join frontrunner Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote as she speaks about their new album, navigating the fashion world and the medical world after getting a mastectomy, and the wonderful nature of water.

Romance Recs for Every Geek’s Heart

Whether gentle or steamy, paranormal or historical, plausible or bananas, romance novels are full of smart, capable, geeky people who always get their happily-ever-after. Join a panel of enthusiastic readers as we recommend diverse feminist romance titles with a focus on authors of color, authors with disabilities, and LGBTQIA authors. Whether you’re a seasoned romance reader or just genre-curious, this panel has something to make you swoon, make you sweat, or make you sigh with delight.

Zines! with Lucy Kagan

What are zines? What goes into making a zine? Join Lucy Kagan, curator, editor, publisher and designer of “Hazel”,as she shows off some of her favorite zines and teaches you how you can make your own either digitally using desktop publishing software or physically using your average piece of paper and scissors.

Brick by Brick: Worldbuilding in YA

Do you love being swept away to far off lands? Being transported to the far reaches of space? Then, join authors Kat Cho (Wicked FoxVicious Spirits), Tracy Deonn (Legendborn), C.B. Lee (Sidekick Squad), and Shveta Thakrar (Star Daughter) as they discuss the building blocks to making rich, inviting worlds that readers can get themselves lost in. In addition to diving into the worlds of their own creation, our panelists will also give the audience a glimpse of their favorite fictional worlds to fall into.

Creator Shout Outs

Black Girls Create is an intersectional hub for Black creators and critical fandom. The team behind the website is going to recommend the work of some amazing creators bringing great content. Attend this panel to hear about up and coming creators, where to find them, and how to support their work. Get ready to add titles to your TBR pile, watchlist, and more!

Spotlight on Author Roseanne A. Brown

Join author Roseanne A. Brown as she speaks on her dazzling debut novel, A Song of Wraiths and Ruin.

Enemies to Friends to..?: Writing Compelling Relationships

Where would Zuko be without Iroh? Yuri without Viktor? Adora without Catra? A compelling relationship, whether platonic or romantic, will keep us reading, watching, and listening to the very end. But what’s the magic that makes us care about a relationship so much? Join authors Raquel Vasquez Gilliand (Sia Martinez and the Moonlit Beginning of Everything), Leah Johnson (You Should See Me in a Crown), and Nina Varela (Crier’s WarIron Heart) as they delve into the special ingredients that make up an irresistible relationship.

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