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Week 4 – Gaming

A Case for Cozy: Why We Need Wholesome Games

Playing wholesome and cozy video games has become more prominent and, dare we say, kinda cool? From Animal Crossing to Calico, from Untitled Goose Game to Kind Words, an increasing number of titles allow players to take a break, relax, and enjoy a gentler side of life, as well as provide more opportunities for inclusivity within the gaming community. Let’s get comfy and discuss what makes a game ‘wholesome’, how these titles are an upcoming force in the industry, share examples of our favorites, and discuss why we shouldn’t hide the fact we want kinder, gentler games to enjoy!

Scary Adventure with D20 Dames

The Dames are invited to a cosplay party at Emerald Forest Adventure Con but find themselves trapped after some spooky things begin to happen — leaving it up to them and some beloved NPCs to problem-solve. Join us for a special Halloween-themed stream and come dressed in your fave cosplay! Kat, Jen, Brittni, and Jess will be in chat during this pre-recorded episode.

WEARING ALL THE HATS: Adventures in gaming and tech with the women of Valve

Join a panel of women from Valve sharing their experiences wearing all of the hats as they contribute to games, Steam, and VR, discussing topics ranging from mechanical keyboards, wildlife tracking, imposter syndrome, confidence, humility, design, and playtesting.

Live Stream Let’s Play

Behind the Blocks – the Women Making Minecraft

Meet the women making Minecraft, Head of Studio, Helen Chiang, Chief Storyteller, Lydia Winters, Minecraft Creator GM, Deanna Hearns and Executive Producer, Anita Sujarit as they discuss being a leader inside one of the biggest, most popular gaming franchises in the world, Minecrafting for good, career tips for industry pros and newcomers, and what excites them as they look to the future of gaming.

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