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Week 5 – Finale

DIY Science Encore Featuring The Bug Chicks

DIY Science is back with more excellent experiments, super science facts, and a special appearance of GeekGirlCon favorites The Bug Chicks! Tune in to learn how bugs cosplay, how to create your own solar clock, and much more!

GeekGirlScouts Discuss LGBTQ

GeekGirlScouts discuss LGBTQ in Girl Scouts, media and their community. Topics will include:

  • Pride parade – representation and participation by youth organizations in parade and events
  • Favorite characters that may be LGBTQ, queer baiting in the media (character implied as LGBTQ but not confirmed, ex: Sheera, La Fou, Elsa, Dumbledore, Gatsby),
  • How schools and the community react/support LGBTQ – how to react when someone comes out to you, how to support them, what you can do to be an ally,
  • Pronouns – misgendering – how to ask what someone’s pronouns are without being offensive. They will distribute a handout with pronoun descriptions and resources, as well as a list of common microaggressions.

Let’s Talk About Redemption

Redemption arcs can often be the most intriguing and emotionally poignant part of a work, be it in animated television shows, behemoth film franchises, or novels about boy wizards. However not all arcs are created equal, in fact some can even be harmful to the work in question. Let’s talk about redemption arcs, what it looks like when they’re done right, what it looks like when they’re done wrong, and the dangers of conflating fanon redemption with canon.

¿Cómo Se Dice ‘Nerd’?

This panel will explore the intersection of latinidad and geekdom. For five years, this panel has been a space to talk about what it means to identify as a “Latinx nerd.” Now, we’re exploring how our geeky interests can help us serve our community by building confidence, clarifying vision, and keeping us humble throughout it all. The panel will feature self-identified Latinx creators, thinkers, and geeks. The audience is welcome to submit questions to the panel by tweeting @comosedicenerd using the hashtag #GGC20.

Every Magical Girl

Girls are magic! From fantastical adventures to everyday witchcraft, the supernatural permeates the pages of graphic novels for girls today. Join Sophie Escabasse (Witches of Brooklyn), J.C. Phillipps (Pacey Packer, Unicorn Tracker), Reimena Yee (Séance Tea Party), and Jessi Zabarsky (Witchlight) for this exciting discussion of girls and magic and comics. Moderated by Gina Gagliano, Publishing Director at Random House Graphic.

Dante Basco

SHEPROP! HAS YOUR BACK: Supporting women and non-binary cosplayers in a mansplaining world

Women and nonbinary cosplayers can face unique challenges when looking for help. Body shaming, self-esteem, ability shaming, slut shaming, misogyny and mansplaining can be barriers to getting the help and support we need. The SheProp! Community is here to help. Our panelists of experienced cosplayers are ready to answer your questions, whether they are about creating a costume or surviving and thriving in the cosplay community. Come and join the discussion about why SheProp! has quickly become a vital presence for women, trans and non-binary makers, providing a space for accessible support & encouragement for costume designers, SFX artists, cosplayers and more, at all skill levels.

Cosplay Contest

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