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Programming Department

Director of Panel Programming – Tiffy Daud

As Director of Panel & Stage Programming, Tiffy captains the teams that work on panels and main stage events. Her favorite hobby is recommending SFF books on her youtube channel, inkyspyglass, where she makes it a priority to feature female authors. Tiffy’s favorite trilogies are the Broken Earth, Imperial Radch, and Machineries of Empire. As a Ravenpuff, Tiffy is untempered in her voracious reading and pursuit of coziness. She lives with her geek boyfriend, adorable bunnies, and tower of science fiction books.

Director of Interactive Programming – Alyssa Jones-Comtois

Alyssa’s first video game experience was wielding the NES Zapper while shooting ducks on Duck Hunt with her grandpa. Since that day gaming has been a big part of her life. Today she can almost always be found scanning Steam for new deals or wrapped up in her snuggie and playing Xbox. When she’s not playing video games, you can often find her catching up on various animes, building props for cosplay or Halloween parties, or initiating some kind of nerf battle.

Alyssa loves to bring organization to chaos. With a degree in communications and a SCRUM certificate she is always looking for new ways to improve efficiency. When not working on GeekGirlCon, Alyssa can be found managing the latest gaming content as a Producer at Xbox Live.

Panel Program Manager – Marina Martinez

As Panel Program Manager Marina creates the programming schedule for the con and helps curate the panels that are selected. Marina grew up in San Diego, California reading fantasy novels and watching Shaun of the Dead on repeat. She fell into the world of online fandom and fan culture at a young age when she discovered other people were as obsessed with anime as she was. Marina’s hobbies include watching copious amounts of television, playing quidditch for the Emerald City Admirals, and reading epic length fics. In her everyday life she work in the fine art world as a project manager.

Panel Coordinator – Sarah “SG-1” Grant

SG-1 is one of the Panel Coordinators on the GeekGirlCon team; she spends her time wrangling potential panels and panelists for the yearly convention. SG-1 has been volunteer staff for GeekGirlCon for almost five years, and a self-identified geek for way longer than it’s been cool. Fandoms include Star Trek, Star Wars, sci-fi and fantasy books, movies, and television shows. Her head is filled with random knowledge that is really only good for pub trivia and playing round after round of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Panel Coordinator – Julia Kallweit

Julia used to be a Special Agent at GeekGirlCon and joined the Programming Department to juggle the four P’s – Panels, Presentations, Panelists and Presenters (yep, that’s a tongue twister) as one of the Panel Coordinators.

Born and raised in a small German town, she found out about the lack of local Geeks early and discovered her passion for video gaming while quarreling with her older brother to play Maniac Mansion on his C64 and conquering foreign nations in Age of Empires on her Dad’s PC. Over time she developed an interest in different fandoms and won her first carnival costume contest as Leonardo from Ninja Turtles (“And the first prize goes to this cute tortoise” – 5-year-old Julia shouting into the microphone: Wrong! I am a TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE! – True story, unfortunately there is no video evidence).

Even though her environment mostly ignored her early advances into Geek culture, she never stopped doing what she loved and eventually found a partner who is equally interested in overthrow…*cough* rescuing virtual worlds together.

When she is not tending her farm in Stardew Valley or leveling her Hunter in Destiny, she can be seen kayaking on Lake Washington or training for her next half-marathon.

Workshop Coordinator – Niki Marion

Niki Marion is a book industry professional formerly based in Massachusetts, where she worked at the Boston Book Festival, then ran the children’s and teen departments at an amazing indie bookstore. She moved with her best friend to Seattle in mid-2016 for a new adventure, and she’s very excited to have found one working to organize and present awesome, inclusive workshops at GeekGirlCon. Niki has her master’s in children’s literature, which means she is a massive #kidlitnerd and loves books for all young readers, from the tiniest humans to full-grown ones. She especially adores #ownvoices narratives, picturebooks, graphic novels, book-to-film adaptations, and all other possible combinations of words and pictures. Her additional obsessions include but are not limited to: Beyoncé, cooking, eating, the Another Round podcast, libraries, the Oxford comma, earrings, and going to yard sales.

Activities Manager – Colleen O’Holleran

Colleen O’Holleran serves as program manager at Landesa as well as activities manager at GeekGirlCon, where she is responsible for the planning, logistics, and execution of programming activities. Colleen’s volunteer and work activity align with her deep-seated commitment to support purpose-driven individuals and organizations promote inclusion and social justice. Hailing from Nebraska and Colorado, she was born to fret about whether or not they’ll get the film adaptation of The Dark Tower series right. Colleen traces her lifelong love of the Weird back to childhood when she read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon. After that, the stars became right for early adolescent consumption of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Colleen currently lives in Seattle, Washington where, when she’s not working, she can be found reading books or watching movies. Especially the fantastical and the spooky kind.

Activities Coordinator – Neetika Agarwal

Just 2.5 years old in USA, I am still exploring American culture, food and people. I am a passionate dancer (always up for it); also enjoys playing volleyball and ping pong. A hardcore party person by heart (may be thats the reason I also love organizing events), I firmly believe in work hard and party harder. I love being with people and you will mostly find me craziest with fun loving people around. And yes, I have a little doxin who takes most of my free time. I am really excited to be part of GeekGirlCon and looking forward to work with the team.

Talent and Hospitality Manager – Hadeel al-Massari

Hadeel al-Massari is responsible for finding cool people to hang out with us at GeekGirlCon, and making sure they have the time of their lives! She is a Ravenclaw, a BookTuber, and a freelance writer. She loves getting people excited for things, especially if they’re new to it! She is most passionate about #WeNeedDiverseBooks and #ownvoices and loves to see the spaces she loves most become a place where everyone feels welcome.

Special Events Manager – Teresa (TK) Kramer

TK is a Seattle transplant, Minnesota native, and die hard Hufflepuff who has been attending anime and SFF conventions since 2004. In that time she’s emceed cosplay contents, staffed room parties, and been a programming panelist to boot. When she’s not managing business operations for our cloud computing overlords, she likes to relax by writing fanfic, making costumes, or curling up with her dog Yousuke for a night of gaming.

Kids Cosplay Coordinator – Rebecca Davis

Rebecca Mmm Davis has emceed everything from charity auctions to MoPop’s Myth and Magic Event, the Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam, and ECCC’s Guardians of the Sexy. She has been lucky to host a plethora of nerdlesque shows based on fandoms including Lord of the Rings, Disney, and Doctor Who (her fave!). She’s also a returning GGC Agent – in years past you may have seen her lead the Bowie Sing Along, or working outside a panel room. A proud aunt of 7, Rebecca is a fierce advocate for tiny geeks and nerds, and can’t WAIT to see their creativity, costumes, and cosplay!

Fashion Show Coordinator – Lisa Granshaw

Based in New York City, Lisa Granshaw is the Fashion Show Coordinator for GeekGirlCon. She is a lucky geek who turned her passion for various fandoms into a career as a freelance writer. Her work has appeared on a variety of websites including Syfy Wire, Boing Boing, the Daily Dot, Geek & Sundry, and more. She has also written for magazines such as the official Star Trek magazine, the official Walking Dead magazine, and the official Star Wars magazine, Star Wars Insider.

Lisa has hosted and appeared on panels about geek fashion, Star Wars, and fandom at San Diego Comic-Con and GeekGirlCon. You can geek out with her about Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, too many video games, and much more on Twitter.

Programming Outreach Coordinator (North Seattle) – Emily Karrmarshall

Emily Karrmarshall is the Programing Outreach Coordinator for the north Seattle region. She assists with year round events and seeks partnerships with organizations that align with GeekGirlCon’s mission.

Emily is an artist, cosplayer, and geek of many flavors. Fandoms include Star Trek, Star Wars, Bioware games, Harry Potter, Disney, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, MST3K, LOTR, Broadway musicals, and true crime podcasts. She lives in Shoreline with her geeky husband, 3 year old geeklet son, and little dog named Merlin.

Programming Outreach Coordinator (South Seattle) – Amanda Hua

Amanda coordinates year-round outreach events in the central Seattle region. If you see Amanda out and about at local events, feel free to say hello! She is a public librarian by trade, with experience providing outreach programming in the community. Her main fandoms are Harry Potter and Star Trek. She enjoys reading, writing, and hanging out with her chihuahua, Leeloo.

Manager of Gaming – Alyssa Askew

As the Manager of Gaming, Alyssa is here to utilize her geeky and organizational tendencies to bring the game floor of GeekGirlCon to life. She brings to the table experience organizing events for Girl Guides of Canada (like Girl Scouts, but more north) and lots of production experience from her day job nerd-herding in the games industry.

Alyssa loves polka-dots, bows, Spider-Man, R2D2, Hufflepuff-life, crafting, and playing all the games. Favorite video games include Spyro the Dragon: Ripto’s Rage and Ori and the Blind Forest. Favorite board games include any game won the first time she played, even if she never succeeds again.

Gaming Event Coordinator – Andy Munich

HSAs part of his regular duties as an events coordinator and host, Andy loves making people feel welcome before taking them on awesome adventures! Andy has been hosting the GeekGirlCon gaming night twice a month for three years and running roleplaying games at the convention proper for five. His proudest accomplishment has been the formation of the GeekGirlScouts initiative in partnership with the Girl Scouts of Western Washington. Andy lives in his own head, which is located in Seattle.

Video Game Coordinator – Kathy Shin

HSI’m the Video Game Coordinator for GirlGeekCon. I’m an avid PC gamer who streams competitive games on Twitch. I also work at the Microsoft Store as a Product Advisor selling devices and software and helping out with gaming events. I play mostly StarCraft 2 with some Hearthstone and Overwatch from time to time!

Tabletop Games Coordinator – Bethy Winkopp

HSA lifelong roleplayer, Bethy has a passion for bringing diversity into gaming. When she has enough manna to spend outside of her day job Bethy loves being a Field Investigations and Response team member for the ASPCA, and traveling all over the globe for immersive roleplay experiences.

Her passions for roleplaying and love of strategic planning shows when she larps, or rolls those crit hits in 5E which she hopes to reflect at GeekGirlCon. Her lifelong dream is to make an EDH MtG deck that is composed solely of horsemanship.

DIY Science Zone Project Manager – Raychelle Burks

Raychelle BurksWhen a career as a deadly ninja assassin proved too tame, Raychelle turned to chemistry. She’s currently an Assistant Professor at a super-secret-but-not-that-secret institution. To relax from a day of mad scientist duties, Raychelle enjoys sci-fi/horror movies, knitting, and consuming books of all genres. In her spare time, she writes about science and culture for a number of blogs and tweets up a storm.

DIY Science Zone Events Coordinator – Torrey Stenmark

torrey_stenmarkStenmark is an award-winning costumer and a college chemistry instructor at Shoreline Community College. The same skill set (attention to detail, exacting record-keeping, and refusal to be intimidated by new problems, among others) that earned her a master’s degree in organic chemistry has enabled her to compete and win in the masters division of costume contests on the local and national levels. Follow Torrey on Twitter @tereshkova2001.

Operations Department

Director of Con Operations – Amy Gradzewicz

Amy has a passion for list making and spreadsheets which aid her volunteer goals. Her passion for social justice and creating positive communities led her to GeekGirlCon. In her spare time she enjoys science fiction and fantasy genre media (Zelda, Star Trek), painting and drawing, crocheting, and recreating recipes.

Registration and Admission Manager – Jenn Schooley

Jenn is new to the Seattle area after residing in Pittsburgh for nearly a decade and South Jersey for approximately 23 birthdays before that. In her spare time, she enjoys trying new recipes, adding too many books to her Goodreads list, documentaries, old movies, the Marvel universe, Pittsburgh Penguins hockey, hunting for Pokemon, listening to Hamilton over and over again, working on that novel, the beautiful scenery of western Washington, and many other random pursuits.

A true Hufflepuff, she resides with her Ravenclaw boyfriend, their always curious cat, and some random fish.

Exhibitor Services Manager – Kris Panchyk

Kris was a latecomer to the geek lifestyle; it wasn’t until she went off to college and fell in with theatre kids that she was introduced to tabletop gaming. That, along with experiencing the World Wide Web back in the days of dial-up modems and AOL, started her on the path to where she is now – with shelves of graphic novels, a small collection of action figures, and countless hours of volunteering at local conventions.

These days, when she’s not reading, knitting, or attending a Sounders game, she’s pretending to be a Real Adult as a Project Manager in the legal industry.

Exhibitor Services Coordinator – Lillian Cantwell

Lillian Cantwell is an avid book hoarder and mad crafter. In Professional Land she has poked many a spreadsheet for nonprofit organizations, and she is currently an author wrangler and book slinger at an independent book store. She owns multiple glue guns, more glitter than necessary, and lives aboard a sailboat with her cat, Tiberius.

Interpreter Services Coordinator – Julie Tergliafera

Julie Tergliafera has been working with GeekGirlCon since 2013 as a volunteer interpreter. Originally from Louisiana, she has lived in Seattle since 2008 and enjoys everything the area has to offer: from outdoors activities such as hiking and camping to game nights and craft beers. Julie is an avid knitter and crocheter and is known for completing projects during science fiction movies and Star Trek marathons.

Survey and Data Coordinator – Reynide Dubreus

Reynide is a Marketing Research professional working as Survey and Data Coordinator for GeekGirlCon. She is a curious Geek who cherishes the arts, literature, technology, film, and research. Her work with GeekGirlCon helps to amplify the voices of attendees by means of data collection and analysis. Her love of research began when she sought to answer this peculiar question, Is it Pop or Soda?

When she’s not geeking over new research studies, she can be found hiking a trail or two, singing karaoke, and taking impromptu nature photos. Reynide aspires to support the telling of all stories from all voices, and sees research as a driving force in that.

Reaction Team Coordinator – Bill Creasey

Bill Creasey is currently serving the GeekGrilCon community as Reaction Team Director. A life long geek and a fan of all the geeky things lately has been obsessed with RPGs and board games. He has many years of convention support experience and enjoys giving back to the community that he is part of. He’s also been known to make a puppet or two in his time.

Volunteer Manager – Maggie Franquemont

Maggie is serving as the GeekGirlCon Volunteer Manager. Originally from Colorado, Maggie has settled in Seattle after living in most of the Western US. She likes to combine her geeky tendencies with her passion for the outdoors and is always up for an adventure whether at the table or in the woods. She is a jack-of-all trades and will give most things a shot at least once. Her most repeated activities include climbing tall rocks, using thread to make cool things, and protecting her party with her Aura of Protection. Maggie’s favorite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus.

Volunteer Coordinator Intern – Chloe Remigio

Chloe Remigio is a local student enthusiastic about the arts, media, and social justice. She is beyond excited to be joining the GeekGirlCon team this year. Previous volunteer credits include Logistics Preparation Officer two years running for the LA Alliance for Science (previously March for Science LA). As a Volunteer Coordinator Intern, she will be focused on assisting the Volunteer Coordinator (our Supreme) in recruiting and training new volunteers to ensure that the event, and the lead up to it, runs smoothly in coordination with other departments.

Chloe’s fandom interests vary far and wide, from old standbys like LOTR to new media like Rick and Morty. As a queer, disabled woc, her involvement in the community is centered around critical analysis and transformative work. She believes strongly in the inclusion of any and all fans, and is looking forward to participating in an event that aligns to this principle.

This will also be Chloe’s very first GeekGirlCon, an experience that she is sure will be as incredible as it sounds!

Sponsorship Manager – Elize DeBoom

Hi! My name is Elize DeBoom and I am a passionate and dedicated professional with an extensive background in strategic sales & marketing, new business development, and organizational leadership. I am a relentless entrepreneur, an avid outdoor enthusiast, a mother of 3 amazing young women, and I am completely obsessed with mind bending Science Fiction.

Human Resources Manager – Bonnie Barcellos

Bonnie is an HR professional working for GeekGirlCon as, you guessed it, HR Manager! She’s a wanderer who happily calls Seattle home base. When not chilling with her graphic novel/fiction writing partner, Bonnie is usually hiking mountains, volunteering to support refugee families, reading sci-fi & fantasy books, re-watching BSG, Firefly, Star Trek, or GBBO, and knitting with her lazy basset hound sleeping nearby. And probably eating ice cream.

Marketing Department

Director of Community Engagement – Kristine Hassell

If you’ve seen FNL*, you just got a glimpse into the hometown of the only daughter of Minh Souphanousinphone and Henry Rutherford “Hank” Hill. Despite the lack of nerds on the ground, her nerd education began early. Each month, her father returned from his Naval reserves with a stack of Marvel comics. It soon became tradition to read them together at home. When she wasn’t absorbing all things Thor, she was rollerskating until the sun set or out gallivanting at the local arcade playing Galaxian and Centipede. She still laments the loss of her Commodore 64 with her well-worn copy of Bubble Ghost! Kristine currently plays in several RPG groups and is delving back into comics. She can be mercurial with what catches her fancy, but certain addictions have endured: live music, reading, food photography, British comedies, hockey, eating out, collecting Pinky:st figures, video games, board games, and new wave music, to name some. Geek bragging rights include: watching every film of original Star Wars trilogy on opening day, even skipping school for ESB, walking the red carpet at the world premiere of Serenity and attending the after party, and being invited to attend the final KITH taping at the CBC. Kristine lives happily with her husband and their chatty polydactyl cat in a carefully cultivated bamboo forest. You might find her practicing scales on her cello but you’ll definitely find her twittering madly @GermanCityGirl.

Director of Digital Experiences – Meliza Afable

Meliza’s first brush with geekiness was her introduction to Star Wars. From there, Disney took center stage as she worked for The Mouse for quite a number of years. Yearly readings of LOTR and Sandman followed, then Harry Potter, Marvel, other graphic novels, movies, and television shows came along. In an alternate life, she would live as an assassin nun or have time travel as her super power. She has a soft spot for rescue pups, traveling, and spending time with her geeky, artistic family.

Public Relations Manager – Sue Romero

Sue is the Public Relations Manager for GeekGirlCon. She handles press inquiries from the media, writes news releases and other stuff, and promotes to everyone GeekGirlCon’s mission of inclusion for geeks of all kinds.

Sue became a geek when she first saw a Star Destroyer overhead on the big screen in the opening scene of Star Wars. Her fandoms also include Star Trek, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead and Sherlock. In real life, she is a former radio journalist, has a day job as a PR Specialist and is mom to an awesome little mini-me she calls Sweet Pea.

Merchandise Manager – Shubz Blalack

ShubzAs the Merchandise Manager, Shubz is responsible for the procurement, maintenance, and distribution of GeekGirlCon items and apparel. Hailing from Seattle, WA, Shubz’ geekery comes from years of gaming, dance classes, and martial arts movies that Jean-Claude Van Damme has been in. Shubz made her debut as a rapper in NerdcoreNow’s First Annual Vocalist/Producer Competition and also won the site’s 2011 Best Newcomer award. Follow her Twitter @shubzilla for more hilarity or find her at facebook.com/shubzilla for music updates.

Merchandise Assistant – Andrew Chan

Andrew ChanAs a serial convention volunteer, Andrew has been known to drive across the country to go to yet another con. Always an endless fountain of bad ideas, he will go on ill-advised adventures in the promise of new experiences and funny stories. Andrew is probably addicted to watching movies and TV shows, specifically anything with time travel in it.

Campaign Manager – JC Lau

Previously disguised as a college professor and family lawyer, JC Lau is an Australian video game developer and writer living in Seattle. At GeekGirlCon, JC’s role as Campaign Project Manager sees her driving cross-department alignment on marketing campaigns, overseeing their execution, and tracking deliverables, to give GeekGirlCon attendees the best convention experience.

JC has been a gamer since she started playing Pac-Man on her Apple IIe at the age of 3, but her very first love is for words and storytelling. She writes about geekery, representation, and gender, and probably also tweets too much. She also dabbles in TTRPGs, but all her characters mysteriously turn out to be like Batman or Wolverine in combat. JC holds a doctorate in political philosophy and in addition to the convention circuit has spoken at PAX West and the Game Developers’ Conference on diversity, representation,and inclusion. Her non-gaming interests include food science, roller derby, and being a foster parent for her small army of ferrets. If she had a superpower, she’d want hydrokinesis, although—or because—she can see how easily that could turn her into a supervillain.

Campaign Manager – Shilpa Kulkarni

An MBA graduate with experience in Marketing, Supply chain and data analytics, Shilpa says her true love is the quest for knowledge. She holds a Masters degree in Microbiology and has worked in food analytics as well. But it was during college that she found her calling, which was managing & campaigning events. As GeekGirlCon’s Campaign Manager, she will be coordinating the marketing projects for the event.

A geek and nerd all her life, Shilpa discovered her love for words and poetry very early in life (JK Rowling and Tennyson rule!). She spent hours pouring over any books she could find throughout her school life, her life goal being authoring a book herself one day. She is still embarrassingly enthralled with Star Wars which leads her to star gaze and chase beautiful Milky Way shots to this day. Her passions include brewing blends of tea, travelling and watching West Wing endlessly. Shilpa loves to make up geeky jokes to herself, find beauty in all things and people different, and hopes to make a difference to women’s lives via GGC!

Social Media Manager – Laurel McJannet

laurel mcjannetBack in the day (we won’t say when), Laurel cut out words from magazines, took pictures of friends/cute boys, and arranged them onto her PeeChee, protecting the final masterpiece with strips of Scotch tape as makeshift lamination. Fast-forward a few years later where Laurel now writes, designs and consults as a marketing communications professional. The day she got access from IT to update a website (using straight up HTML, BTW) was the day she became… A GEEK. This website led to more websites, intranets and managing major ecommerce projects. Today, there isn’t a CMS she doesn’t like, she’s mastered the art of translating tech-speak for the non-techie, and she is proof positive that Marketing and IT can co-exist and not implode. @mrsmcj

Social Media Specialist – Emily Hendrickson

In 2013, Emily Hendrickson moved to Seattle to study Japanese language and Art at the UW. As a pansexual artist, she loves comics and cartoons with strong queer themes. Her aspiration is to write and draw such comics someday. Her art blog can be found at nerdiestlittleartist.tumblr.com. Emily’s hobbies include crafting, playing Pokémon, and watching her favorite shows (Young Justice and Steven Universe). While attending her first GeekGirlCon in 2013, she fell in love with its genuine, non-patronizing celebration of all geeky girls (regardless, even, of fandom). Emily is a passionate intersectional feminist who loves to listen to and engage in open and honest dialogue, especially concerning nerd culture and the need for more diverse representation. She hopes to get along with everyone and have a great time all while helping make the geek world, at least, a safer, more accepting place. Questions for her may be sent to her twitter.

Manager of Editorial Services – Indigo Boock

At the age of seven, Indigo Boock convinced her entire elementary school class that she was The Pokemon Master (to be observed as an official title), and that the Indigo Plateau was promptly named after her “mad skills”. Fortunately, she moved cross country before anyone figured out that this may not be the case, but she did put that imagination to good use and went on to study Computer Animation at Ringling College of Art & Design, and finished her Bachelor’s at Cornell College in Creative Writing.

GeekGirlCon, Indigo is the Manager of Editorial. She makes sure all outward facing text is nice and spiffy, produces marketing copy, writes content for the blog, and writes additional content for GeekGirlCon as a guest contributor for other online publications. When she’s not working, she’s training for a half-marathon to burn off her addiction to french baking. She is currently finishing her first book, runs an OP-ED blog on video games and media, has an unhealthy admiration for sultry villains, and a cat named Pickle.

Copywriter – Teal Christensen

Teal ChristensenBy “going to school” and “studying literature” Teal managed to earn a degree for reading books and writing about books and talking about books. She then began working as a Copywriter for GeekGirlCon, which primarily entails writing about the con and other relevant subjects for the blog, but also writing and editing copy for different departments as needed. When she’s not working on grad school applications, Teal can be found dividing her time evenly between live-Tweeting the Harry Potter movies, outlining extensive but unassigned academic papers about Twilight, and crying because she hates math and thus, will never get to space.

Copywriter – Caitlin Foskey

A writer and editor in her work life, Caitlin Foskey is thrilled to pair her professional background with her nerdy interests as a copywriter for GeekGirlCon. As part of the GGC Marketing Department team, Caitlin writes and edits outward-facing copy, blog content, and other materials.

A lifelong geek, Caitlin grew up with Star Wars, wrote awful anime fanfictions in middle school, celebrated her love of Tolkien’s writings and art with a full back piece tattoo, and has a lot of thoughts about the current state of the Marvel Universe and the MCU. When she’s not behind a computer, Caitlin is busy refining her baking skills, trying to cultivate an appreciation for weightlifting, and still playing Pokemon Go.

Copywriter – Kalyna Durbak

After years of writing academic papers and company documents, Kalyna is excited to stretch her writing muscles as a copywriter for GeekGirlCon. Her responsibilities include writing for the blog and helping GeekGirlCon produce the best copy possible.

Kalyna knew she was a geek from a young age. Some of her earliest memories include waking up early to watch Sailor Moon, hand coding fan anime websites that never saw the light of day, and reading fantasy novels way past her bedtime. She currently fills her time watching more anime, reading more fantasy novels, playing board games, and picking up any craft project that inspires her. She also loves to hike in the mystical forests of the Pacific Northwest with her husband, partially because it makes her feel like she’s a character in Skyrim.

Copywriter – Hanna Hupp

Having recently graduated with degrees in English Lit and Humanities, Hanna is so excited to be working at GeekGirlCon as a copywriter! She is currently trying to postpone the inevitable postgrad existential crisis by spending as much time as possible reading, writing, and engaging in in-depth critical analyses of the Bachelor franchise with anyone who will listen. An enthusiastic Hufflepuff, she thoroughly geeks out over podcasts, sex education, graphic novels, and old SyFy shows. When not developing intense crushes on (inconveniently) fictional characters or outlining a variety of stories she might hopefully get around to writing one day, Hanna is usually deeply engrossed in researching Pleistocene megafauna, mummies, and 1960’s NASA launches.

Print Program Project Manager – Cirilia Rose

Cirilia Rose has come a long way since thinking Captain Zlog was a perpetually unseen character on Star Trek: TNG. A nerd, gourmand and aesthete, she’s also a professional word and textile obsessive. She swoons for LOTR, hard sci-fi, the Whedonverse, Fiona Staples and the Maillard reaction.

After 10 years in the knitting industry, she’s traded yarn for pixels and prose, writing for Nordstrom.com and RoguesPortal.com, collecting UX skills along the way. She’ll tap into these powers to wrangle a covetable, collectible printed program because apps are still missing that intoxicating inky bouquet. Find her online at www.ciriliarose.com

Design Manager – Angie Jernejcic

As Design Manager, Angie oversees our amazingly skilled design team, solves many problems, and gets occasionally gets some actual design work done. She works closely with the Director of Marketing to create the branding for GeekGirlCon. Angie and the design team create all visuals you see related to GeekGirlCon.

Angie’s artistic side made itself known early on: even at 7, she was elbow-deep in Lego, beads, markers, paint, and running with scissors while creating ‘pieces’ that (embarrassingly enough) her mom still has.

Now she’s an Art Director with 10+ years of experience in both the advertising and design world. When not pushing pixels or wrangling photographers, she can be found engrossed in a Neil Gaiman book for the 137th time, wandering Peter Miller books or Kinokuniya, or geeking out over typefaces.

Senior Designer – Allison Borngesser

Allison BorngesserAs Associate Design Manager, Allison assists the Design Manager with any and all responsibilities concerning the Design department. She enjoys learning from more experienced Designers, and helping shape the visual face of the organization.

Allison’s geeky roots stemmed from a childhood consisting of Donkey Kong Country, Jurassic Park, and competitive chess. Her deep passion for art and tech have logically led to a career as a UI/UX Designer, where she believes tech is at it’s most powerful when it is being used for good. When she’s not working, she’s usually at a show, squeaking at corgi videos, playing board games, re-watching Minority Report for the billionth time, or cheering on the Mariners at Safeco Field.

Senior Designer – Shannon Hargis

Shannon is the Senior Designer for GeekGirlCon and a multi-disciplinary creative who delights in using her skills for good to find imaginative solutions for complex problems.

She geeks out about typography, branding, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, music, Star Wars, Gryffindors, tarot, tabletop games, and comics. In her spare time, she can be found camping, sewing, roller skating, scuba diving, and watching videos of cute animals synced to music.

Designer – Rabecca Rocha

Rabecca came hurdling into this city from East LA at the bright age of 10, from there she, a pencil and paper became inseparable. As an Artist She hoped to make a difference, After graduating from the The Art institute of Seattle she was able to hone her skills and get her first show case in August of 2015. Rabecca loves to spend a good amount of time testing video games, volunteering her time with as a charitable Cheerleader with Cheer Seattle, updating her tumblr, catching up with Welcome to Nightvale and drawing her cat named Artemis.

It has been a long dream of Rabecca’s to be involved with GeekGirlCon and hopes that more wonderful things are to come!

Manager of Digital Experience – Whitney Winn

Whitney WinnAs Manager of Digital Experience for GeekGirlCon, Whitney oversees the website, app, and other aspects of the GeekGirlCon digital presence. In her day job, Whitney is a librarian who helps tweens and teens explore their interests through books and library programs. When she was a teenager herself, she learned to make websites so she could share her love of anime and Harry Potter with the world, leading to a lifelong interest in web content and design. Now she also loves to geek out over children’s and YA lit, all-ages comics, television shows, and board games, as well as experiment with various arts and crafts hobbies. You can find her online on Twitter and Tumblr, primarily talking about books, comics, and her favorite fandoms.

Web Administrator – Constance Chen

Constance ChenAs GeekGirlCon’s web admin, Constance spends most of her time maintaining the site, updating WordPress, fixing code, and muttering about the command line. She loves almost everything about the internet and has been tinkering with websites since she was a wee lass, from Neopets pages to World of Warcraft guild forums. She spends her free time volunteering in the local indie video game and women in tech scenes. Her favorite game is Chrono Trigger.

Board of Directors

President of the Board – Sharon Feliciano

Sharon Magliano Feliciano is Marketing and Advertising consultant and Mom to Nathan and Kitty. A geek since birth (she was Spider-Woman for her first Halloween!), she founded ParentingGeekly.com after her own geeklets were born. Sharon was a co-founder of Seattle startup Joule, has been featured as GeekWire’s Geek of the Week, is a two-time NASA Social alumna, and played RockBand with Wil Wheaton once. You can frequently find her at Arcane Comics and More, her comic shop in Shoreline. Sharon geeks out about Star Trek, comic books, NASA, social justice, and lipstick. You can get in touch with her via Twitter.

Secretary – Ian Maddox

Ian is a technical leader, tinkerer, and father to two amazing girls who share his passion for science and technology. He currently works for Google advising large companies on cloud architecture. Prior to that, he kept himself busy as CTO of an educational tech company and then CEO of an autonomous car fleet management company.

In addition to speaking fluent geek, Ian flies small aircraft, develops business plans, builds custom electronics, and mentors aspiring software developers and other technical types. He aims to bring his passion for technology, education, and personal development to help lift up the next generation of the geeky youth and young-at-heart.

Member of the Board – Bridget Brave

Bridget Brave is a recovering criminal litigator, recently relocated to the Greater Seattle area. Her geekiness was discovered at a young age after a series of behavioral referrals caused her mother to realize why her daughter was misbehaving: because Bridget had learned detention involved staying in at recess and reading. Interests in computers and gaming followed, punctuated by summers at Computer Camp and a very serious period of sadness after realizing she was not, in fact, the Kwisatz Haderach, nor was she ever going to be recruited by the Star League to defeat the Kodan Empire. When she’s not tending to her Stardew Valley farm, she is hosting Geeks Who Drink Trivia and attending a professional program in game design at UW. Bridget is thrilled to be joining the GeekGirlCon Board, and finally living her nerdy dream life to the fullest.

Member of the Board – Wendi Dunlap

Wendi Dunlap is the consummate Geek Girl …
She is an activist. Wendi has been grassroots organizing since the age of 12, supporting anti-apartheid and racial reconciliation work with the Rainbow Youth Coalition in the late 80s and serving as a youth leader in the NAACP throughout the 90s. As an undergraduate student at Cornell University, she reinstated the Cornell chapter of the NAACP, led student protests against campus racism and organized cultural events for Cornell’s Black and Latinx student body. She is an advocate for students with special needs as a former officer of the Bellevue Special Needs PTA. She is also trained in domestic violence advocacy through Lifewire.
She is a writer. Wendi began her professional writing career at the age of 15 as a freelancer for the world-renowned Amsterdam News (Harlem, NY). She is also an award-winning playwright and horror/dark fantasy writer. You can find her work on PodCastle, Fiyah Literary magazine and various speculative fiction anthologies.
She is a techie. Wendi earns her living as a Digital Media professional – building personalized, data-driven marketing experiences for top brands. Throughout her twenty year career in Digital advertising, she has pioneered video, mobile and social campaigns that have been on the forefront of modern marketing.
Wendi is the proud mother of a young adult son, a New Jersey native, a gadget geek and a fan of the fantastic and the tech. She embraces the eclectic, believing wholeheartedly that “if I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.”

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