We want to make GeekGirlCon a super-cool experience filled with excitement, education, and fun for all.

We strive to create an event that works for all our attendees. We think inclusively about the range of needs, employ best practices to continually review our spaces, improve as we are able, and learn from our mistakes.

Our annual convention is held at The Conference Center at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. All public areas, lobbies, exhibit halls, and meeting rooms within the WSCC are ADA accessible.

Accessibility Features

Specific details such as location information will be updated as we get closer to the con.

ASL Interpreter

ASL Interpreters — For support around the con! For questions or interpreter requests, please contact

Elevator Priority

Elevator Priority — First access is given to those that require it.

Nursing Room

Nursing Room — A private area to nurse children. Located on Level 2 Chelan.

Introvert Alley

Introvert Alley — A quiet, low-light room to take a breather from all the Con-related-excitement. Located on Yakima Level 1, Room 2 from 11am to 6pm on Saturday and 9am to 6pm on Sunday.

Chairs for Resting

Chairs for Resting — Available throughout all Con areas.

Early Room Access

Early Access — Given to those that need more time to be seated. Request early room access stickers at the registration/info booth.

No Photo Sticker

“No Photo” Stickers — Available for all badges to help respect attendee privacy. Request No Photo stickers at the registration or info booth.

Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms

Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms — For attendees who prefer less gendered bathrooms. Located on Level 2 Chelan.

Con and Access Information

Con and Access Information — Available at the Info desk, located next to the registration area.

Reaction Team

Reaction Team — On hand to support guests’ safety. Reaction team members will be wearing Agent t-shirts, armbands, and matching whimsical accessories.

Wide Pathways

Wide Pathways — Found throughout for wheelchairs and strollers.

Accessibility Advocacy

Be An Accessibility Advocate

Be an accessibility advocate and support an awesome time for all:

  • Maintain clear paths in walkways and seated areas.
  • Keep access to elevators and escalators clear.
  • Although interacting with animals is tempting, please don’t pet, distract, or take photos of service animals at GeekGirlCon.
  • Not all disabilities are visible. Be willing to help or support when asked.

Remember, it’s is all about mindfulness; what is easy for one person may not be for another. Most importantly, offer help, but don’t assume that it is needed.

We at GeekGirlCon work hard to create an inclusive space where our attendees and volunteers feel safe and recognized, and we want to continue to learn and grow. We would love to hear your ideas, feelings, and concerns. Email us at

Thank you for supporting accessibility at all GeekGirlCon events!

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