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Agent Profiles: Part Two

In Agent Profiles: Part One, we met three of our GeekGirlCon Special Agents and learned a bit about who they are, what they enjoy geeking out about, and what made them become GGC Agents. In Part Two, we continue our conversation.

If you’re a returning Agent, how many years have you been an Agent? What is it about the role that keeps you coming back?


Agent Mafer

Image source: Mafer

It’s my first time.


Image source: Melissa

I have been a GeekGirlCon volunteer for the last five years. I keep coming back because it’s just really great that there is a convention that empowers and supports the crowd that usually is overlooked by the comic book world, if that makes sense.



Image source: Sonja

I’ve been a Special Agent since the second GGC, acting as A/V Tech for the Panel room. I like the role because I worked a similar job for a college once. I know the challenges of bringing a presentation to an event and not having the right equipment. I love coming in and reassuring panelists that we are good to go or that I will be on hand if needed. You also get the chance to sit in on some amazing panels once the running around is done.


If you’re a new Agent, what are you looking forward to doing as an Agent?

Mafer: I look forward to helping make this con an epic event. I want to help people enjoy it and make their experiences easier. I’m also excited about meeting new people who are willing to give their time to the con to help it succeed.


What are you most excited to see/do at GeekGirlCon ‘17?

Mafer: I’m excited to see the collectibles and the people cosplaying, and to provide my help in the process and play games.

Melissa: I am most excited to see the cosplayers this year at GeekGirlCon. Seeing the cosplayers at this convention is the highlight of my volunteer experience!

Sonja: I’m really excited for the panels and keynote speech. The Cosplay Contest is always a fun time, as well. I remember one year a very excited X-23 spent five minutes telling me all about her outfit after I complimented her on it. She was a hardcore fan of the character and it showed. It’s always a treat to see the passion and energy people put into making these outfits and becoming these characters.


Do you have any advice for anyone who’s considering becoming an Agent?

Mafer: Since I’m new I’m not sure yet what to expect. But for now my advice is: if you can give your experience and have willingness to help, please do.

Melissa: The only advice I have for people who are considering becoming an Agent is just to have fun, ask questions, and just be yourself—everyone else is already taken.

Sonja: Three things for any new agent:

  1. Be familiar with the map of the convention hall, or where the Info Booth is. Helping lost attendees is something all of us do at some point in the weekend.
  2. When attendees ask you about something you don’t know the answer to, don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know, but I’ll find the answer for you,” and ask a fellow agent. We are all here to help each other out and share in the experience.
  3. Be sure to work with your department leader and block out time for you to enjoy the convention and do a bit of shopping. Take a breather in the agent room, too, if you are in need of a moment to de-stress. All work and no play will make for a rather exhausting time.


Thank you to Mafer, Melissa, and Sonja for taking the time to chat with me!

Agent registration for GeekGirlCon ‘17 has closed, but you can still buy your passes to the Con and get a taste of what it might be like to volunteer for GeekGirlCon ‘18. If you already have your pass but need a place to stay, check out Hotel Max’s GeekGirlCon room rate!

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