Ask GeekGirlCon: Exciting Con Events

GeekGirlCon ‘12 is just over a week away.

We hope you are as excited as all of us at GeekGirlCon. We are incredibly humbled by the support and positive messages all of you are sending — on Twitter, Facebook, on our blog, and over email. YOU are why we do this work. YOU are the reason an organization like GeekGirlCon exists in the first place. YOU are what gets us up in the morning. Really.

And to get YOU excited, our staff decided to share a second blog highlighting some of the programming we can’t wait to catch at GeekGirlCon ‘12. Check out our staff’s diverse responses below. And get your passes today!

Lani Blazier, Gaming Director

“I’m most excited about the Mystery Box Game Design Challenge. It was a great experience last year, and I really feel we’ve created an even smoother, interesting, and fun challenge.”


Melanie Howard, Customer Service Coordinator

“I am excited about being your Info Booth Princess all weekend!!!” (Find Melanie at the Mario-themed Info Booth)



Shubz Blalack, PR Content Producer

“I’m stoked for Expressing Your Creativity Through Audio. I’ve got a few friends who have had great successes running their own podcasts, and I want to see what all the fuss is about…and what it can do for me! This sounds like a must have for the geek girl looking for a voice (literally!).”


Stephanie LittleStephanie Little, Marketing Assistant

“I can’t wait to see the GeekGirlConnections area. It will be refreshing to discover and grow with a community of other like-minded geeks! I look forward to improving my career skills with knowledge, networking, tips, and tricks.”


Tammy Vince CruzTammy Vince Cruz, Vice President and Design Manager

“The panel I’m super jazzed about is Customizing My Little Ponies: Tips, Tricks, and a Basic How To on Saturday! I’m a total fan of the whole vinyl toy industry, especially custom toys, and how the mish-mash of pop culture plus DIY is in a major boom. PLUS, what’s not to love about Ponies?”


Bunny Cole, Social Media Manager

“I’m super excited to talk Batman & Co. with some of our amazing guests and am eagerly awaiting all of the great cosplayers that are sure to return this year!”



Raychelle Burks, Media Administrator

“I’m looking forward to the Misogyny Online panel. There have been a few high-profile incidents over the last year which have showed sexism is ‘alive and well’ in the geek, nerd, and/or skeptic community. As an active geek girl online, I am interested in the insight this panel can provide into misogyny online and how to deal with it.”

Susie RantzSusie Rantz, PR Manager

“I am jazzed to see people talking about populations beyond women who are underrepresented or misrepresented in pop culture, comics, and other geeky fields. So I can’t wait to catch panels examining gender roles in Doctor Who, as well as those that talk about disabilities, including Capes and Canes: Abilities and Disability in Superhero Comics and A Fate Worse than Death: The Last ‘Outsider’ in Popular Culture – Disability.”

Stephanie LittleStephanie Little, Marketing Assistant (who was so excited she contributed two quotations)

“The Once More, With Feeling Sing-Along on Saturday & Closing Celebration on Sunday will provide two great opportunities for me to make new friends and have fun. I look forward to singing my heart out and reflecting on the awesomeness of our geeky community. I am also super duper excited about our showing of The Wizard of Oz with Three Dollar Cinema on Friday night. The movie is really close to my heart (my twin sister and I memorized the movie by the time we were 4). I couldn’t dream of a more fun, family-friendly way to begin the GeekGirlCon ’12 festivities!”

What about you?

Take a look at our Saturday and Sunday programming, and tell us: What panel do you simply HAVE to catch? Let us know in the comments!

And stay tuned to our website, where we’ll profile some of the special events and gaming that we want to hit up, and the cosplay we hope to see at the convention.

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2 responses to “Ask GeekGirlCon: Exciting Con Events”

  1. I-Doll says:

    All the comic book related panels have me excited, especially the ones with Gail Simone and Greg Rucka. As a fan, I’m thrilled, and as an aspiring writer, I’m taking notes!

    • Susie_Rantz says:

      You should definitely hit up our GeekGirlConnections room when you are at the convention! There will be some editors in there at various times to speak with. 🙂

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