A Love Letter to Fandom: i can’t even.

Have you ever had a roommate who was just as geeky as you? Or a best friend you bounced ideas off of, talked about and experienced your geeky passions with, and generally helped/hindered each other throughout your daily lives?

i can't even

Filmmaking sisters Hayley and Alyce Adams have created a web series in Australia called i can’t even., and their main characters, Lex and Em, have that roommate/best friend relationship working really well. They love a lot of the same things (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and so many more), and the series focuses on one aspect of their fandoms in each of the six episodes. I watched them through the first time and laughed in my apartment by myself, and then watched them through again on the bus on my way to work. I’m pretty sure I laughed even louder, surrounded by strangers who probably thought I was more than a little bit strange. It doesn’t matter, though; I’m sure I’ll watch these episodes many more times!

I was lucky enough to get to chat (via email, anyway!) with Alyce and Hayley to ask them some questions about their lives, their work, and their passions!

Sarah Grant
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Treasure Trapped – Get Your Loot!

There aren’t too many movies that make me want to buy the DVD as I’m leaving the theater, the closing credits music ringing in my ears. Pirates of the Caribbean? You bet. Serenity? Once I started breathing again after Joss killed [spoiler!]? Heck, yes!

The last time I wanted to buy the DVD on the way out was this past July when I saw Treasure Trapped on its tour of the US. (I wrote a rave review of the film for GeekGirlCon here!) It’s a documentary of epic proportions filmed in the United Kingdom and several European countries about Live Action Role Play (LARP) and the people who participate. It’s not like other LARP film I’ve seen; it’s smart, respectful, and completely engrossing. I don’t LARP myself, but as a writer and reader of fantasy and science fiction stories, LARP is fascinating to me.

Sarah Grant
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A Look Inside the Life of a Famous Geek Model

And when I say famous, I mean my pictures have been tweeted and re-tweeted about 50 times. So obviously, I expect to be getting calls to model geek couture around the world.

Any minute now…

GeekGirlCon ‘15 had a brand new feature this year: the GeekGirlCon ‘15 Fashion Show, in association with PNW Fattitude. The idea was sort of radical in the “typical” fashion world: use models of all body types, shapes, and sizes, and let them strut their stuff on a runway. And what better place to showcase the kinds of clothing geek girls love to wear than at GeekGirlCon? Most of the geek wear in the world seems to be made for guys; I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a serious geeky t-shirt collection, and almost all of them are the standard t-shirt cut made for guys. Even the companies that make and market shirts for girls don’t usually have shapes and sizes for anyone but the smallest geek girls, so those of us who don’t fit into baby doll t-shirts opt for the guy t-shirts over nothing at all.

Sarah Grant
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Looking for a Few Good Blog Posts!

Here at GeekGirlCon, we have things to say. We talk about inclusivity in gaming, writing, and life in general; we talk about our favorite books, TV shows, movies, and web comics; and we talk about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) coolness and careers as much as we can.

blog header

All of this (and more!) is part of our mission:

GeekGirlCon celebrates and honors the legacy of women contributing to science and technology; comics, arts, and literature; and game play and game design by connecting geeky women worldwide and creating community to foster continued growth of women in geek culture through events.

Do YOU have something to say that falls under the huge umbrella that is GeekGirlCon’s mission? Whether you write your own blog, contribute to some else’s, or simply want to get something out there that you think is important, fun, inclusive, or just really awesome, we want to hear about it. Why not give it a shot?

We would love to hear and see your ideas. Send a pitch for something you want to write to blog@geekgirlcon.com. Also email us if you have questions about submitting an idea; you’ll never know unless you try!

Sarah Grant
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GeekGirlCon ‘15 – Sunday’s Closing Celebration!

GeekGirlCon closes our con every year with something special for our attendees. Last year, we listened to, and got to ask questions of, former NASA astronaut Wendy Lawrence, and then closed out the evening with a slam poetry performance that brought tears to many eyes–including mine!

This year, join us once again for the last event of GeekGirlCon ‘15:

Vicious and Vulgar

Arthur Conan Doyle has risen from the grave, and he’s upset! In Vicious and Vulgar, local playwrights Sammy Scott and Alison Luhrs re-imagine the literary hero and wonder aloud: what would he think of all of the fanfiction, cosplaying, and conventions happening in modern times? A grumpy and abrasive reanimation, Doyle manifests Holmes and Watson in contemporary, female forms in attempts to prove to his audience that they have wasted their time with the canon. Throwing in Granada Holmes and a certain mouse detective, this play explores the themes, characters, and relationships in Doyle’s classics with a modern-day female-centric twist while asking the question: what is the relationship between a canon and the fan?

Having been called “strikingly original,” “entertaining,” and “deeply moving” by Seattle’s Sherlock elite, “Vicious and Vulgar” will be performed as a live reading with Scott and Luhrs in the roles of the eponymous heroes.

vicious and vulgar 1

Image courtesy of Sammy Scott and Alison Luhrs

Come wrap up GeekGirlCon ’15 with us as we explore the world of Sherlock Holmes from the female gaze!

Sarah Grant
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Raise Some “Extra Life” for Seattle Children’s Hospital!

“Extra Life?” you ask. “What’s all this about?”

I’m glad you asked!

extra life

Image source: Dungeons & Dragons article on Extra Life

Extra Life is a tabletop game tournament that raises money for hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network. Here in Seattle, this means all the money raised will go to Seattle Children’s Hospital–an amazing place where kids and their families experience so much every day, and they can always use our help. All the players and Dungeon Masters are taking pledges for their 48 hours of gameplay, starting this Friday, October 2, at 12pm!

Sarah Grant
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Bechdel Test Burlesque Returns!

GeekGirlCon ‘15 is fast approaching, and you have a hard choice to make between two awesome events on October 10: our first GeekGirlCon Fashion Show at the Conference Center, or something a little more risque…



October 9 & 10, 2015

Doors 7:00 PM; show 7:30 PM

21+ Only with ID

$20 General Admission, $35 VIP


Presented by

Jo Jo Stiletto, Sophie Maltease, Sailer St. Claire & Scarlett O’Hairdye

In Association with Sin de la Rosa

Sarah Grant
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GeekGirlCon ’15 Programming is LIVE!

Through the magic and hard work that is GeekGirlCon’s devoted volunteer Web Team, programming for GeekGirlCon ‘15 is LIVE on our website!

schedule page

With our convention passes getting close to selling out for the fifth straight year (go buy your passes NOW if you haven’t!), we’ve been busy planning our schedule, prepping all of the panels, gathering science-y materials for the DIY Science Zone, brushing up on our game play, and setting up ideal spaces for all of our awesome attendees.


Not to be missed: October 9, the night before GeekGirlCon ‘15 opens its doors, is our GeekGirlCONcert and Kick-Off Party! If you can’t pick up your badge at the Conference Center at the WSCC on Friday during the day, you can pick it up on your way into the Hard Rock Cafe, where we will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary in style with Thundering Asteroids! and PDX Broadsides for dancing and entertainment. (This event is badge holders only; not open to the general public.)


October 10, we have two evening events lined up at the convention: the Annual GeekGirlCon Costume Contest, and our first ever GeekGirlCon Fashion Show, partnering with some amazing designers for geeks everywhere!


Doors open at 9am on Saturday, October 10 and Sunday, October 11, with programming starting both days at 10am. Check out the schedule and start planning your weekend more thoroughly so you don’t miss a thing!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Sarah Grant
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Looking for a Bit of Shiny…

I was at PAX a couple of weekends back, and I briefly walked the floor. Now, I know it’s a gaming convention, so I expected to find games of all kinds, which I did. I saw some comics, some books, some artwork…and then I got the heck out of there. I’m not a gamer, and the lack of light on the main show floor (other than flashing video games and monitors) was very disconcerting to me. I figured it out pretty quickly: PAX really IS pretty much about games.

Then again, Emerald City Comicon has a lot more than comics, but I didn’t have any money earlier this year…so I sort of hoped I’d find some shiny bits to carry away with me at PAX. After I paid for them, of course. While I am attracted to shiny things, I am not the kind of crow who lines her nest with STOLEN bits of shiny!

Sarah Grant
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Going Green by Necessity

Written by GeekGirlCon Copywriter Sarah “SG-1” Grant

I don’t drive a lot anymore, which I’m finding very strange; I’ve been driving since I was 16, and had constant use of a car from the time I was 17 (with some exception during my first couple of years living on campus in college). About a year ago, my roommate/best friend got a much better job than the one I had, and it required the use of a car. So I put him on my insurance, and I got a bus pass through work. Since then, I drive the car perhaps once or twice per week, either to church in Kirkland or to the grocery store down the street (if I need more than I can comfortably carry up ten blocks of a very big hill).

I’ve discovered that I really enjoy riding the bus to work. All I have to do is show up at my bus stops on time, get on the correct bus, and get to work, get home, or get wherever else I’m going. All that riding time means I don’t have to pay attention to awful Seattle traffic, and I get to do the thing I love more than anything else: READ. If I don’t feel like reading, I just listen music on my phone. It takes the length of about a 50-60 minute album for me to get to work. It’s lovely sort of meditative time that I get to take for myself, and I don’t answer the phone in that time. I’ve grown to value it quite a bit.

I got my first car when I was in high school, one that I shared with my older brother, and used to run errands and ferry my younger sister around our hometown. It was a 1981 Chevrolet Chevette–no, not a Corvette, a Chevette, like this one, only a darker blue:

My very first car. Image source.

My very first car. Image source.

The front passenger seat had a disconcerting habit of flipping back, thereby introducing the front seat passenger abruptly to the back seat. We couldn’t do an under-body flush at the car wash, because there was a hole in the floor beneath the driver’s seat. Top speed uphill with anyone other than the driver in the car? 43 miles per hour. It shook like it was losing bolts anytime we approached 55 miles per hour. The radio only received the signal from the Milwaukee oldies station–and then only the music, not the lyrics. I loved that car.

My next car was a 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais, purchased from its original owner in 1996 (again, a darker blue than this one):

My second car. Image source.

My second car. Image source.

It was a good little car, driving me back and forth from Wisconsin to Tennessee multiple times. It was replaced by a 1999 Saturn S series in Silver Plum (the dealer was VERY specific about the color, even though I called it “purple”)–the first car I ever bought at a dealership:

My "silver plum" Saturn. Image source.

My “silver plum” Saturn. Image source.

I loved that little car so much: it had good gas mileage, it was comfortable, it had a very respectable trunk space, and it saw me safely through a five-car pileup in Nashville. It was fixed, and ran like a top for another two and a half years before I sold it. I bought my first brand new car, my current 2005 Honda Civic, from a dealer in Milwaukee before I moved to Seattle:

My current, trusty Honda Civic. Image source.

My current, trusty Honda Civic. Image source.

It’s a fantastic car; it drives well, it parks easily (not too big, not too small), and it has the two things I told my dad I wanted at the time: a CD player and air conditioning. It also survived this little incident (with me driving) back in May:


It was a rough Monday morning…

This is the car my roommate drives, and is the one I am now selling to him. And yes, we fixed the windshield.

I know that a lot of people don’t have cars, or have never had cars; I’m very aware of the privileges I’ve had in my life. I also know I’m lucky I live in an area with pretty good bus service, and that my company provides my bus pass every month. So while I went green out of necessity, it’s been a pretty positive change for me. I’m healthier from walking, I spend more time outside–which I’ve been told is good for people with depression. I also feel like I’m contributing to the success of our public transportation system, relieving a tiny bit of the nasty traffic in Seattle, and leaving my own mark on the world-wide effort to reduce climate change. Every little bit helps!

Would you switch to bus riding, if you could or had to? Let me know in the comments; I’ve love to hear your perspective!

Sarah Grant
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