Be Heroic for the Kids!

We love games at GeekGirlCon! We also love awesome events that help kids. So, here’s an opportunity to do both by supporting Extra Life, a 24-hour game marathon to raise funds for sick children and their families. Extra Life has been around since 2008, and since that time it’s raised over $14 million for children in hospital! This year, GeekGirlCon is proud to have two of its staffers taking part on September 16 for this great cause.


Once again, our very own Gaming Event Coordinator, Andy Munich (also known as The 8 Hour Gamer) and our Merchandise Manager extraordinaire, Shubz, will be battling the monsters of the Underdark as part of the Wizards of the Coast team to help raise money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Andy will also be running a game of Dungeons and Dragons as a Dungeon Master, so you can see him switch hats and roles throughout the marathon!


And, of course, you can watch all of this live as it unfolds on! You can also take part by commenting in the stream, making donations, or signing up to be part of Extra Life yourself.


Bonus: if Andy raises enough money, we’ll see the awesome dwarf warrior Irony Stonegunz come out and DM the entire session! Irony was a HIT last year with the fans, and also made an appearance at GeekGirlCon! So if you’d like to see Irony rolling dice, or Shubz eating lumpia live on the internet, or just have a great time watching some amazing D&D action, make sure you donate and tune in for Extra Life. It’ll be worth it, I assure you.


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Previously disguised as a college professor and family lawyer, JC Lau is an Australian video game journalist and writer living in Seattle.

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