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Comics from Cute to Cutting-Edge at GeekGirlCon ‘13

Written by AJ Dent, GeekGirlCon Staff Copy Writer 

If there’s one thing most geeks can agree upon, it’s that reading can be a great mental escape from daily stresses. While novels, newspapers, and the interwebz are solid sources of brain candy, of course, there’s one literary art form in a class all its own: comic books!

Offering plot lines, punchlines, and instant visual enticement, comics and graphic novels are enjoying a resurgence in today’s pop culture. It’s possible to find series suitable for everyone from elementary schoolers to those enjoying their retirement years. GeekGirlCon ‘13 will host a wide range of exhibitors to satisfy any comic book lover’s cravings. Here’s just a tiny peek into the possibilities you’ll find on the 3rd floor Exhibitors Hall.

Little VampiresSan Diego-based Rebecca Hicks has struck a vein of comedic gold (or is it blood?) with Little Vampires. Created at Lunasea Studios with her husband, James Hicks, Little Vampires is a family-friendly webcomic featuring adorable miniature monsters and tongue-in-cheek humor. Stop by their table to pick up a poster or a plush stuffed villain. Or both!

skin deep - kory bingFor fans of other fantastical creatures such as dragons, demons, and Grecian sphinxes, there’s also the wild world of webcomic Skin Deep. Artist Kory Bing has created such elaborate universes online, there’s even a Skin Deep Wiki dedicated to her work! The Portland, Oregon resident first began publishing her creations in 2006, and her prolificness continues today. Fly over to Kory’s exhibit to get a taste of the action—there’s no doubt you’ll find your new favorite cartoon character.

SoullessThose of us who live in GeekGirlCon’s locale, Seattle, are fortunate to share a city with Kaarina Makowski. Author of the ongoing webcomic Soulless, she’s brewed up complex characters (and interestingly lists their zodiac signs in describing them) in a mystery fraught with tension and based in the near future. You know anyone who describes their work as “a labor of love, and an ongoing challenge” has put their heart into something great. Speculative fiction fans are sure to gravitate towards her intriguing storytelling.

Larsen GeekeryWant to meet one of the coolest couples of all time during your nerdtastic weekend? Seek out Lady Evelyn and Lazy Jay, the hearts and minds behind Larsen Geekery! They’re makers of bright, snappy comics available both in book form and on clothes and bags—think Wonder Woman greeting cards, TARDIS purses, and original comics about dinosaurs in space. Not only will you want all of their artwork to adorn your everything, but you’ll want to throw a tea party with these artists as your guests of honor.

This mini-list is but a glimpse into the countless genres that will be present at GeekGirlCon ‘13 to lure in comic book rookies and longtime readers alike. Be sure to check out the many panels (pun intended) pertaining to comic books as well. Buy your passes today and pore over all the geeky goodness with us!

AJ Dent
“Rock On!”

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