Digital Swag Bag

Digital Swag Bag

Instead of handing out physical swag bags this year, we’re sharing digital swag bags with all of our attendees! By going digital, we become that much more environmentally-friendly while also delivering a better value to both you and our attendees. The digital swag bag is a fun and effective way to present your exclusive offers and personalized information to attendees, while continuing to function similarly to a traditional event bag.

To participate in the GeekGirlCon digital swag bag, reach out to us at!

Here’s why your company should participate

  • Participants will have the ability to view and save the contents of the digital swag bag online via desktop computer or their mobile device. It provides direct links to your content or provided message, and directs our attendees to your company website, online store, or social media.
  • By creating a digital swag bag, you no longer incur design, production, or printing costs!
  • As an added value to your sponsorship, we will provide performance reports that outline audience activity and how they interacted with your content after the convention.

How does the bag work?

  • The digital swag bag goes live a few days before GeekGirlCon, giving all of our attendees a preview of the special offers and links pre-convention. All attendees will have access to the digital swag bag via our Program Guide in the Guidebook App. Our digital swag bag is a unique opportunity to get our attendees excited; driving traffic to your booths and panels before GeekGirlCon commences.

Placement Types and Pricing

For our inaugural year using the digital swag bags, we are offering all digital swag bag placement types at a cost of $75 per placement.


Vouchers can either printed or presented on the attendee’s mobile device to be redeemed. This placement type is usually used by companies who operate in a physical location or exhibitors encouraging redemption at their event booth.


The online discount provides a promotional code that can be used during checkout for a special discount in your webstore.


The advertisement provides a link to a business or company website. This enables companies to achieve the goal of driving traffic to a website to generate awareness, brand building, or education about a company, product, or service.


The giveaway contest allows attendees to enter their information to win a prize or other special offering. Participants are allowed a single entry, and all entries are collected into a list from which a company uses to select a winner.

Document Share

This placement enables you to share a PDF with a con-goer. When the attendee engages, they choose to send the document to their email inbox. Use this placement to share a PDF coupon with a special barcode or a general information PDF.

Event RSVP

The event RSVP placement enables you to invite the convention attendee to an event hosted by your company (i.e. a cocktail hour, private party, etc.). When the con-goer engages with your placement, they can enter their contact information to RSVP.

Appointment Request

The appointment request placement enables the attendee to send an appointment request message to you with their contact information. Once you receive the appointment requests, you can contact the attendee and schedule their appointment.


Featured Placement

Do you want your company to be one of the first six placements in each digital swag bag? Every time an attendee accesses the bag, they will see the first six placements before all else.

To get this prime real estate, please email for details on additional sponsorship packages. At this time, there are only six available featured placements, so don’t wait and miss out on a great opportunity to promote your company or band.

Sponsor Banners

You can also add your company logo to the digital swag bag! Images must be formatted as a JPG or PNG, and are 150px74p (horizontal layout) in size. This sponsorship opportunity is $250. To participate in the GeekGirlCon digital swag bag, reach out to us at

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