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DIY Science Zone Fundraiser

We've got science!
Photo source: Laodamaren Tumblr

Last year, we introduced the DIY Science Zone to bring real-live science to con attendees young and old, and we need your help bringing it back at GeekGirlCon ‘14!

What is the DIY Science Zone?

The zone is a hands-on, weekend-long extravaganza that makes science accessible to everyone, whether or not they have their own lab goggles at home. It’s open to all ages, and all levels of experience–and all equipment is provided.

At GeekGirlCon ‘13, more than 350 people participated in experiments ranging from making their own neurons, to crime-scene fingerprinting, to dancing raisins.

This year we’ll mix it up a bit with invisible ink, DNA extraction, dice roll science, slime-making, Cartesian drivers, making light, laser rules, pocket solar systems, and many more!

Last year's DIY Science Zone
Photo source: GeekGirlCon flickr

Who’s involved?

Once again, we’ll have a line-up of science professionals from a range of different disciplines, many of them returning from last year:

  • Danielle Lee @DNLee5  – biology and mammalogy
  • Bethany Brookshire @Scicurious – neuroscience, mental health, physiology, pharmacology

  • Torrey Stenmark @tereshkova2001 – chemistry, anthropology, outreach

  • Matthew Francis @DrMRFrancis – physics, astronomy, cosmology, and gravitation

  • @Chemjobber – chemistry, chemical manufacturing

  • @_adverbia – general biology, anatomy and physiology, and animal diversity

  • Nicole Gugliucci @NoisyAstronomer – astronomy, radio astronomy, specifically low frequency radio astronomy instrumentation, CosmoQuest, education

  • Stephen Granade @Sargent – physics, lasers, quantum mechanics, robot airplanes, and sensors, Dragon Con Science Track Manager

  • Melanie Mallon @melmall – science communication, CONvergence and Skepchickcon staffer

  • Raychelle Burks @DrRubidium – chemist and GeekGirlCon volunteer staff

  • And of course, YOU!


Where do the funds go?

[thermometer height=250 raised=6230 target=6000]

In order to make this drop-in science fun once again available to everyone, we need to raise $6000 to provide travel support for our science superstars to get to the con, as well as for equipment, materials, and prizes.

As if the knowledge that you’re donating to a great cause is not enough, our zone workers will be performing “Acts of Whimsy” at fundraising milestones:

  • At $500, Raychelle will run the CASA Donut Dash dressed as Wonder Woman, and Chemjobber will do a dramatic reading of a scientific paper.

  • At $1000, Bethany will run the Boston half-marathon dressed as Batwoman.

  • More Acts of Whimsy to be revealed as our fundraiser progresses!

Do your part to help make this happen by donating to GeekGirlCon via PayPal!

By GeekGirlCon Copywriter Winter Downs

Winter Downs
“Rock On!”

Winter Downs

Manager of Editorial Services at GeekGirlCon.

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