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#DIYSciFilm returns with The Avengers!

Written by DIY Science Zone’s Event Coodinator Torrey Stenmark


The movie-watching scientists of the DIY Science Zone are back! In advance of the release of Captain America: Civil War, we’re bringing you our breakdown of Marvel’s The Avengers.

Curious about the science behind Tony Stark’s arc reactor (somewhat plausible), the Tesseract (less so), or the helicarrier (um, no)? Please join us on Twitter at #DIYSciFilm next week! We’ll start the film at 6:00 PDT and share comments, criticism, and general merriment.

Previous #DIYSciFilm events have included Real Genius and The Mysterious Affair at Styles, now storified for all propserity!

  • Marvel’s The Avengers (available for digital rental from Amazon, or purchase wherever DVDs and Blu-rays are sold.)
  • Start time: April 28, at 6:00 PDT/8:00 CDT/ 9:00 EDT
  • Follow and use hashtag #DIYSciFilm on Twitter
See you there! Excelsior!

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