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Multi-platform producer and digital journalist, Ramona Pringle to present at GeekGirlCon

Seattle, Wa, October 8th & 9th, 2011 – GeekGirlCon is proud to announce that the highly anticipated convention will include a presentation from Ramona Pringle about her work on “Avatar Secrets to Real Life and Love“.

After speaking at Ignite in Toronto (an event that features a series of five-minute speed presentations on a wide spread of topics in geek culture) about the ideas on how we can learn about ourselves through how we pick our avatars in games, Ramona now explores how online gaming can teach us about life and love and how this can be applied ‘away from keyboard’.

“While some people turn to God in their quest for meaning, and others turn to therapy… I turned to video games,” Ramona confesses.  “Challenging myself to look for wisdom about love, success and meaning in one of the most unlikely places: World of Warcraft.”  Ramona shared her findings and personal discoveries in March at SXSW. This same presentation, ‘Avatar Secrets to Real Life and Love’ will also be featured as part of the program in GeekGirlCon’s first annual convention. “I am very impressed by the caliber of Ramona’s work. From the very beginning, GeekGirlCon and its fans have expressed interest in seeing a panel or presentation that explored the unique and particular world of ‘geeky dating,'” says Jennifer K. Stuller, GeekGirlCon’s Programming Director. “I think exploring the idea of game worlds as a guide to real world fulfillment is an exciting look into game play and its relationship to life experiences and happiness — one which I believe our audience will both learn from and enjoy!”

GeekGirlCon is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness about the contribution and involvement of women in geek culture. October 8 and 9, 2011 in the Seattle Center Northwest rooms begins the first in what will be an annual convention celebrating the female geek. To find out more about GeekGirlCon visit


Kiri Callaghan

Public Relations Manager

GeekGirlCon, Inc / @kiricallaghan

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