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Written by GeekGirlCon copywriter, Henry Behrens

I doubt I’m alone when I say my first venture into geekdom was through the tried and true passages of fantasy, and that love has continually grown, shuttling me from classic fantasies such as Tolkien and The Last Unicorn all the way to more modern, progressive works like The Raven Cycle and Game of Thrones.

Fantasy—coupled with science and other speculative fiction—is a constant draw for me, so it’s no surprise that the GeekGirlCon ‘15 vendors leaning that way are all absolutely on my “Must Visit” list for the upcoming con. Here’s a preview of some of what you’ll see in the Exhibitor Hall, from steampunk corsets to full-on plate armor to delicate nymph headdresses.

arcticphoenix3  arcticphoenix1  arcticphoenix2
Every aspiring magic user could use a skull or two, whether it’s a resin cast of a crow, raven or barn owl, or a replica bat skull strung on a long chain. Art Phoenix Studios’ skulls and jewelry add the perfect, fantastical touch to any outfit or decor.

Bansai1  Bansai2  Bansai3
If soft leather in beautiful styles is more your fancy, Bansai8 Creations should be your first stop. Hand-crafted gear-heavy necklaces, guitar straps, and even sporran bags await you in this fine establishment. Take a load off and invest in these high-quality goods.

Butterfly1  Butterfly2  Butterfly3
Searching for a new look? Butterfly Frillies’ corsets, cinchers, and vests are perfect for almost every occasion. These steampunk, couture goods are hand-made by the designer and have been featured by USA Today, Ladies of Steampunk Magazine, and Dark Beauty Magazine!

CrystalIdyll3  CrystalIdyll2  CrystalIdyll1
There’s nothing like scalemail to really get the fantasy point across, and Crystal’s Idyll is the ideal place to get your fix. With hand-knitted bases to keep the mail from shifting, these epaulets, dice bags, and gauntlets will help you get into character no matter what the setting.

Idolatre1  Idolatre2  Idolatre3
Planning on cavorting through some fields and forests in the near future? Idolatre might be what you’re looking for. Whether you’re interested in taking on the spirit of a jackalope, a ram, or even a maenad, these innovative pieces will help you blend into the steampunk or fantasy land while also standing out in style.

Sinister1    Sinister3
If it’s plate you’re looking to adorn yourself with, the lightweight armor made by Sinister Metalworks might suit. The helmets, crowns, and chestplates come in styles as varied as Grecian and Orc, and they even do custom jobs for your unique LARPing needs.

For less hands-on fantasy- and steampunk-inspired work, look toward author Elizabeth Guizzetti, publisher Hydra House, and the webcomic Wayfarers.

Check out these GeekGirlCon exhibitors’ websites and watch the blog for more Exhibitor Hall previews! What are you most excited about buying at GeekGirlCon ‘15 this year?

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