Five Fantastic Femmes: Women in GeekGirlCon Panels

Kristy Guevara-Flanagan

Kristy Guevara-Flanagan has produced and directed a number of documentaries. She previously directed El Corrido de Cecilia Rios, which won the Goden Spire Award at the San Francisco International Film festival, and Going on 13, her first feature length film. Guevara-Flanagan’s documentaries reflect female growth, struggle, and empowerment. She is currently making The History of the Universe as Told by Wonder Woman, which tracks the portrayal of heroines in pop culture. As a figure of empowerment, Wonder Woman’s adventures help chronicle women’s struggles. Guevara-Flanagan and team recently received a Sundance Grant for this project, which will provide some financing and creative support. She has invited a number of women to discuss The History of the Universe as Told by Wonder Woman at this year’s GeekGirlCon, where she will reveal some footage. For more information on the film, check out the official blog online.

Ramona Pringle

As an actress, blogger, public speaker, multiplatform producer, and artist, Ramona Pringle is a true renaissance new media woman. Her World of Warcraft adventures led to the World of Warcraft Personality Guide, which analyzes how a character’s class displays characteristics of the player’s personality. Her work caught the attention of the New York Times. She also spoke about her discoveries at South by South West (SXSW) and Ignite Toronto. Pringle’s work helps demonstrate the power of online gaming in everyday lives, from personal fulfillment to dating opportunities. GeekGirlCon is excited to learn more about her discoveries in the panel discussing Avatar Secrets to Real Life and Love. To follow her research and discoveries, visit Pringle’s website and follow her on Twitter.

Emily Huh

Emily Huh is the Editor in Chief at Cheezburger, the company she and her husband created around I Can Has Cheezburger. Since 2007, their website has grown in to an international phenomenon. with more than 400 million pages, she helps millions receive their daily dose of “lols.” In addition to the international buzz generated by cats and captions, Huh and her husband have created an empire. The website and internet phenomenon has expanded to include 53 Cheezburger Network sites including Fail Blog. She will be speaking at the GeekGirlCon panel, Highlights and Lessons Learned from the World of Lolcats, Fails, and other Blunders. Check out the I Can Haz Cheezburger Twitter account and website to receive your daily dose of lolcats.

Kate Kotler

Kate Kotler founded Geek Girl on the Street, a website dedicated to frank and open conversation around geeky subjects. They offer a blogger code of conduct, creating a fun and safe community for geeky girls and the people who love them. In addition to a regularly updated blog, Geek Girl on the Street offers a YouTube channel to provide their fans with an inside look at nerdy events and interviews. Kotler is also a writer for, a site dedicated to providing information about the comic book industry. As a geek girl, Kotler strives to share her love of geekdom and knowledge of the nerdy culture. She will be speaking at GeekGirlCon’s panel, Killing Cattiness, Creating a Community. Follow her Twitter account to learn more about her adventures with Geek Girl on the Street,, and other nerdy endeavors.

Mimi Marinucci

Mimi Marinucci is the author of Feminism is Queer: The Intimate Connection Between Queer and Feminist Theory, and is an Associate Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies and Philosophy at Eastern Washington University. As a feminist and professor, Marinucci offers unique insights in to the world of Zines and mainstream media. Her teaching and research are focused on “feminism, philosophy, and feminist philosophy, particularly as represented in popular culture,” as she stated in EWU’s Spotlight. Marinucci created Wave 2.5: A Feminist Zine, which received multiple awards. She will be speaking in the GeekGirlCon panel, How to Own the Media: Zine Making 101.

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