Geek About Town: PAX Afterparty at Nectar Lounge

Hey folks! It’s Shubz again, and this time, I’m giving you the rundown of how last night’s PAX Afterparty at Nectar went. Sure, it’s was after PAX and all those PAXers must be exhausted. Sure, it was a Monday night. Did that stop a good show? The answer, readers, is NO.

Seattle’s own Klopfenpop was back on the mic opening with the crowd favorite of “Back in the Day.” Two other favorites of mine are “Cereal” with C0splay of Death*Star fame and “Broken Robots,” an epic sounding collaboration with all three members of Death*Star. I love a great collaboration; you get a sense of the chemistry between artists, and that’s what I saw a lot of with K-Pop’s set. Drummer Lemmywinks brought the house down with his beats and vocals on “Broken Robots” and Death*Star’s Bill Beats is a seasoned force behind his turntables. It was great seeing the dual-hyping by both Jake Bit and NES-T. Those two need their own albums! I cannot wait to see what Klopfenpop and his Hip-Hop Quartet will come up with next!

Random AKA MegaRan was a standout at last night’s show. He and K-Murdock’s tracks constantly kept the floor moving with catchy hooks, danceable beats, and (a hip-hop staple) callouts (e.g. “When I say A, you say B!”). The songs in MegaRan’s set were notably diverse – “It’s Alright” had a kick-back-and-chill feel while “AVALANCHE” was proof that nerdcore can get – in his own words – “crunk.” His heavy hitting beats and booming voice made folks passing the venue turn their heads! The most impressive of MegaRan’s set was his freestyle. He went around the venue as audience members held up different objects for him to rap about. His “Shout out to the girl with a maxi pad” got the crowd laughing and throwing more items at this emcee. Please come back to Seattle, Ran!

Finally, MC Frontalot took the stage! The house was filled to the brim with fans rapping along to hits like “Final Boss” and “First World Problem.” His songs were a fabulous change of pace from the collaborations of Klopfenpop and the high energy bass of Random. Frontalot and his talented band brought more funk to their set with a unique bass line that made his sound unique. This is evident in Frontalot’s latest single “Critical Hit,” where I heard it the most. I tip my hat to each band member’s individual talent. A great example was Frontalot’s bassist, Brandon Patton (“ Blak Lotus”), who played (among other songs) a charming rendition of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.”

For more information about the artists mentioned, check out their websites for music, concert dates, and downloads at:
Random AKA MegaRan:
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Shubz Angeles Krismer
PR Assistant

“Rock On!”

5 responses to “Geek About Town: PAX Afterparty at Nectar Lounge”

  1. Tom Nord says:

    I was at the show as well and agree with every bit of this review. The show was amazing! And even though Brandon Patton wasn’t on the official bill, his set was a nice bonus. Hands down, this was the best ten bucks I’ve spent in a long time.

    Also, Ran is coming back to Seattle on September 23rd with Adam Warrock, MC Lars, and MC Chris. I expect that show will be every bit as awesome.

  2. Troy Reeder says:

    Tom beat me to it…

    Also, I had never heard of Klopfenpop before Monday night, but oh my goodness am i glad i have now! Great local NerdCore FTW!!1

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