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Geek About Town Fall 2019

It’s nearly fall, everyone, and change is in the air!Pencils are being sharpened, binders are filled with crisp college-ruled paper, Butterbeer recipes are being bookmarked (just me?), and here at GeekGirlCon our regular feature Geek About Town is getting an upgrade.

Instead of our traditional blog format, we’re moving to a more streamlined calendar!

TFW you’re about to add some awesome events to your fall schedule. (Image Description: A gif of a person doing a shimmy dance while holding two Starbucks drinks. They have dark hair and are wearing a red top. They are standing in front of a dark orange background.)

What this means:

More geeky local events; more often. (With the added bonus of less scrolling through long posts to find the events you’re most interested in!)

Every quarter or so, we’ll post an update to give you a peek at the can’t-miss events coming up on the Geek About Town calendar. In the meantime, check out the calendar for all the most exciting upcoming events!

What the calendar looks like:

Image Description: A screenshot of the Geek About Town calendar for August 2019.
Image Description: A screenshot of the Geek About Town calendar for September 2019.
Image Description: A screenshot of the Geek About Town calendar for October 2019.

Where you can find it:

Click here to check out the full calendar!

Here’s to a happy fall filled with school supplies, autumnal treats, and lots of fun events!

Hanna Hupp
“Rock On!”

Hanna Hupp

A recent English Lit grad, Hanna is an enthusiastic Hufflepuff who spends as much time as possible reading, writing, and engaging in in-depth critical analyses of the graphic novels, old SyFy shows, and the Bachelor franchise with anyone who will listen. When not developing intense crushes on (inconveniently) fictional characters or outlining a variety of stories she might hopefully get around to writing one day, Hanna can usually be found listening to comedy podcasts while googling 1960’s NASA launches.

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