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Geek About Town: Winter Edition

It’s winter. It’s cold, it’s wet, and the vitamin D supplements are flowing freely.

During these long, dreary months, I tend to adhere to the “hibernation is best” policy. When darkness begins to fall at 4:00pm, I rapidly lose all motivation to turn off The Witcher, drag myself from the pile of blankets in the corner of my couch, put down whatever YA fantasy book I’m re-reading for comfort at any given time, and venture into the outer world.

So it’s a true testament to the quality of the upcoming events on the Geek About Town Calendar that even I am carving out some room in my busy schedule of making large pots of soup and admiring Geralt’s flowing white hair to explore some of the exciting offerings that the city has in store.

That sinking feeling when you have to leave your apartment.
(Image description: Gif of Geralt from The Witcher walking towards the camera with his head bowed down. There are strands of white hair hanging in his face, and he’s wearing a dark tunic with a silver pendant necklace. His face is dirty and bloody and he does not look happy. Source: Giphy)

Be sure to check out the full calendar here, and in the meantime, here is a sneak peek of a few of my favorites:

Happy winter adventuring, everyone! (And if anyone wants to discuss The Witcher, please meet me in the comments.)

Hanna Hupp
“Rock On!”

Hanna Hupp

A recent English Lit grad, Hanna is an enthusiastic Hufflepuff who spends as much time as possible reading, writing, and engaging in in-depth critical analyses of the graphic novels, old SyFy shows, and the Bachelor franchise with anyone who will listen. When not developing intense crushes on (inconveniently) fictional characters or outlining a variety of stories she might hopefully get around to writing one day, Hanna can usually be found listening to comedy podcasts while googling 1960’s NASA launches.

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  1. Tobu says:

    Can’t wait to hear the dates for 2020! I missed the last two GGCs due to staffing obligations for Kumoricon and I’m still sad about it. Hoping to make both this year! <3

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