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GeekGirlCon ’13: DIY Science Zone

GeekGirlCon13-DIYScience-728x90GeekGirlCon13-DIYScience-728x90You’ve seen it all over the internet; now you can participate in person! Come to GeekGirlCon ‘13 to experience our DIY Science Zone!

Science Communicator and GeekGirlCon Media Administrator Raychelle Burks has put together a star-studded workshop full of awesome science for you to get your hands on. Get a feel for what scientists do. This isn’t just for the kids—there’s science fun for all ages! Professional scientists and science teachers from a range of disciplines will be available to work with you in the lab. What might you get to do?

  • DNA extraction made easy!

  • Are you bitter? A genetic taste test.

  • Magic breath! Acid-base chemistry of the body.

  • CSI: GeekGirlCon! Finding latent prints using ninhydrin.

  • Coffee ground fossils! Perfect for Seattle.

  • Neuron know-how! Build your own & learn how they work.

  • Slime-to-go!  Make your own bag of goo.

  • Making craters! Please bring your own sound effects.

  • Dancing raisins!  No choreography skills required.

  • Nature notebooks! A mix of art & nature.

What scientists and science communicators might you get to interact with? Currently slated to help you out include:

  • Danielle Lee @DNLee5 – biologist,  animal behavior, mammalogy, and ecology

  • Lali DeRossier @Lalsox – science teacher, general biology, anatomy and physiology, and animal diversity

  • @Chemjobber – chemistry, chemical manufacturing

  • Emily Fink @Seelix

  • Bethany Brookshire @Scicurious – neuroscience, mental health, physiology, pharmacology

  • Matthew Francis @DrMRFrancis – physics, astronomy, cosmology, and gravitation

  • Caleph Wilson @HeyDrWilson – immunologist, cell engineer, STEM mentor/advocate

  • Rachael Ludwick @r343l – science, agriculture, food

  • Stephen Granade @Sargent – physics, lasers, quantum mechanics, robot airplanes, and sensors

  • Dr. Marie Villarba – chemistry, surface science, global warming, education

  • Melanie Mallon @melmall – science communicator

  • Nicole Gugliucci @NoisyAstronomer – astronomy, radio astronomy, specifically low frequency radio astronomy instrumentation, CosmoQuest, education

  • Dr. Charity Lovitt – chemistry, organometallics, quantum mechanical modeling of chemical reactions

  • Ray Burks @drrubidium – chemistry, analytical chemistry

Do you have other science questions? Each of these prominent scientists and science teachers has a field of specialty with tons of knowledge to share. Come visit them and get your questions answered!


Not only do you get to participate in hands-on science and talk to scientists and science communicators, but you also have an opportunity to bring some science kits home! Attendees will be given an “Exploration Tracker” to document the completion of experiments. This tracker doubles as a prize entry, thanks to the support of ThinkGeek!  By completing 3 projects, attendees could win a Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit, an Edible Chemistry Kit, or a Common Cold.

What more could you want? Come to GeekGirlCon ‘13 (passes on sale through Brown Paper Tickets or at a local shop) and get your science geek satisfied!

Written by Adrienne M. Roehrich, GeekGirlCon Manager of Editorial Services

Eric Mack
“Rock On!”

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