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GeekGirlCon ’14 Don’t miss panel: Double Others

Photo by Serene Careaga. L-R: Lali DeRosier (@LalSox), Raychelle Burks  (@DrRubidium), Danielle Lee (@DNLee5), Stephen Granade (@Sargent), and Kristine Hassell (@GermanCityGirl).

Photo by Serene Careaga. L-R: Lali DeRosier (@LalSox), Raychelle Burks (@DrRubidium), Danielle Lee (@DNLee5), Stephen Granade (@Sargent), and Kristine Hassell (@GermanCityGirl).

Written by Adrienne M. Roehrich, Manager of Editorial Services

Last year, GeekGirlCon held the excellent panel “The Changing Role of the Character of Color” with panelists Danielle Lee, Kristine Hassell, Lali Derosier, Raychelle Burks, and Stephen Graanade. I had the privilege of attending this panel in its incarnations both at GeekGirlCon ‘13 and Emerald City ComicCon ‘14.

At GeekGirlCon ‘13, “The Changing Character of Color” panel featured three panelists from The Curly Haired Mafia, who review sci-fi and horror films viewable on youtube. The Curly-Haired Mafia examines these movies from the perspective of people of color (POC). How are characters developed? What tropes exist and how are they carried out in these movies? How has screen time for POC changed since really early movies? Has it evolved? Are advances authentic or are they just pandering?

At #GGC13, the panel and attendees went through a number of movies and television from the 1950s to current day, examining them in the light of the previous questions. It was educational and fun! The panel discussed making changes at at source – Hollywood producers and actors. It matters who is attending film school, because they make films with their friends. It matters where films are made (US vs UK).

At both conventions, this panel could have gone for hours and remained as informative, educational, and entertaining as it was for the short 50 minutes allotted.

GeekGirlCon ‘14 is delighted to have panelists Kristine Hassell, Raychelle Burks, and Stephen Granade return, along with Adverbia, Ashlee Blackwell, and Desiree Schell with the panel “Double Others.” This time the panel asks, “What if the character isn’t human? What if they’re non-human and a character of color? Does being non-human (alien, robot, vampire, werewolf, etc.) heighten or negate racial identities?”

They have a whole new slate of movies and television to discuss with these new questions. You don’t want to miss this panel. I sure won’t!

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