GeekGirlCon ’14 Exhibitor Guide Part 2

In our Exhibitor Guide Part 1, we brought you a whole bunch of exhibitors who’ll have cool, fun, beautiful, geeky accessories and clothing for sale at the convention. Once you’ve dressed up your body, it’ll be time to dress up your walls, and what better way than with prints and artwork from the amazing artists in the main exhibitor room of GeekGirlCon ‘14.

Note: In addition to all this art exhibitor fun, we’ll also have the traditional artist’s alley, featuring many other painters, illustrators, and comic artists for your enjoyment.

Our exhibitors’ art comes in many different flavors, from Emily Fiegenschuh’s lavish fantasy creatures and Inuit mythology…

E-fig 1  E-fig 2  E-fig 3

The Sun and the Moon, Marsh Nymph, Sphinx

Images: Emily Fiegenschuh


…to Monkey Minion’s delightfully sinister propaganda-style posters…

Monkey Minion 3 Monkey Minion 2 Monkey Minion 1

Arms Race, Doom: Peace Through Control, Wonder Woman: Stay Strong

Images: Monkey Minion


…to Lolo-ology’s lovingly detailed pencil and watercolor fan art.

Lolo-ology 1 Lolo-ology 2 Lolo-ology 3

Spoilers, Thor, Sherlock.

Images: Lolo-ology


The Gorgonist has a “monstrously charming” collection of original illustrations, fan art, and literary pop posters.

Gorgonist 3 Gorgonist 1 Gorgonist 2

The Raven poster, Princess Bride illustration, Big Game Hunter.

Images: The Gorgonist


Wendi Chen is an illustrator and game concept artist whose paintings and sketches are sometimes sexy and elegant, sometimes sweet, sometimes kickass.

Wendi Chen 1 Wendi Chen 2 Wendi Chen 3

Girlfriends vs. the World, Our Love, Waterfall Goddess

Images: Wendi Chen


For strange, surreal, sometimes disturbingly beautiful fantasies, check out Wonder Weird.

Wonder Weird 1 Wonder Weird 2 Wonder Weird 3

Fairies, Ghost Book illustration, Cthulhu Unicorn

Images: Wonder Weird


And for more adventures into myth and legend, there’s Dancing Heron.

Dancing Heron 1 Dancing Heron 2 Dancing Heron 3

Rising Flames, Scylland and Kharybdis, Illustration for 13 Deities commission

Images: Dancing Heron


If geeky math art is your thing, look no further than Fleeting States, specializing in what artist Sienna Morris describes as numberism art–“illustrating the natural world with its underlying data.” Buy high-quality prints and t-shirts adorned with these fascinating images.

Fleeting States 1 Fleeting States 2 Fleeting States 3

Universal Proprioception, a close-up detail, and the math that inspired the image.

Images: Fleeting States


If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary to spice up your living space, several of our exhibitors offer artwork made from unusual materials. At the Nerd Adjacent Productions booth, find stunning etched metal fan art from many different fandoms, with a focus on Serenity/Firefly and other Joss Whedon shows.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Labyrinth, and Firefly art.

Images: Nerd Adjacent Productions


Quilted Geek brings wall hangings and tapestries into the Geek Age with beautiful hand-crafted quilts featuring images and characters from Lord of the Rings, a range of comic book titles, and more.

Quilted Geek 2 Quilted Geek 3 Quilted Geek 1

Batman Logo, Cthulhu takes Paris, and the One Ring

Images: Quilted Geek


Finally, get your hands on some Geek Stained Glass. Stick them inside your windows to add some color to the drab Pacific Northwest winter, or just display them on a shelf or table.

Geek Stained Glass 3 Geek Stained Glass 2 Geek Stained Glass 1

Transformers, Tardis, and the Katamari Prince

Images: Geek Stained Glass


Whatever your tastes, we’re sure you’ll find some art to suit you at GeekGirlCon ‘14!

Written by GeekGirlCon Copywriter Winter Downs.  

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