GeekGirlCon ’19: A Retrospective in Staff Selfies

First off, from everyone at GeekGirlCon, thank you so much to our Agents, attendees, contributors, and exhibitors. As always, we just cannot do GeekGirlCon without you. Thanks for making the magic with us.

Before we beginning peppering your feeds with some more formal recaps of the weekend, I wanted to bring some cheer to this Monday we’re all experiencing while coming down from our con high with some staff selfies from the weekend. So peruse these, reflect on the pure joy of the weekend, and share yours with us using #GG19.

Amy on Friday, pre-setup.
Julie and Beth setting up and definitely not violating even ONE safety protocol.
Expo Hall minus the Exhibitors!
More! Setup!
Emma Frost teaching Sparkle Science in the DIY Science Zone. Iconic.
PR team FTW!
Let’s play Battletech!
Our glorious panelists from Real Representation Matters: Bi and Pan Sexuality in Media!
Danny (one of our official con photographers!) and Kristine talking H Mart and ice cream. 
Did you know that Kristine and Ray started at GeekGirlCon together doing social media?
Left to right: Kristine, David, Rabecca, Gwen, and Shubz hamming it up in the GeekGirlCon staff room. 
Veteran staff member Andy officiated the wedding of these GeekGirlCon attendees!
Kristine, longtime GeekGirlCon Agent Alan Au, and former Games Team staff member Mikey Brandt. 
Kristine and Indigo: tired and punchy after long conversations about blue tape. 
Christina and Jacob being The Cutest. #ShareYourWorld, babyy.
Bonnie and Pallavi doing the thing!
A sweet reunion between Jo and writer Virginia McClain!
Kitty Pryde and Jubilee!
Lexy working the merch table!

If you’d like to find out who’s who in these pictures, check out our staff bios! And who knows, maybe there’s an open staff position with your name on it…

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