GeekGirlCon still has open staff positions! Can you help?

GeekGirlCon is a wonderfully inclusive organization, but it still has to be powered by a small army of volunteer staff and board members. Not only do we put on a fantastic con every October, but we also organize weekly gaming events, march in Seattle’s Pride parade every year, and celebrate women in science, tech, gaming, comics and all other geekdoms at a variety of events. That’s a lot of work!

And, as our convention grows, we are growing with it! This means we have a lot more opportunities for you to become part of GeekGirlCon. If you are up to the challenge of working with dedicated, amazing people, supporting a fantastic and worthy cause, and having a load of fun along the way, consider joining our staff or board! Our list of current vacant positions is available on our website. These are volunteer positions, but you’ll be paid in candy and warm fuzzies. Check them out and apply today!

Staff are required to attend one meeting per month, with hours increasing leading up to the convention. If you are unable to commit to that, but are still interested in supporting GeekGirlCon, sign up for our volunteer mailing list to be the first to know when we have event-specific opportunities!

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JC Lau
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JC Lau

Previously disguised as a college professor and family lawyer, JC Lau is an Australian video game journalist and writer living in Seattle.

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