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GeekGirlCONLINE Week 4: Gaming

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We’ve made it to our penultimate weekend of GeekGirlCONLINE, but we’re not slowing down yet. Our fourth weekend of GeekGirlCONLINE is all about GAMING, so tune in on the GeekGirlCONLINE Twitch channel for a ton of amazing panels, workshops, and livestreams sponsored by our awesome gamemaker friends at Valve!


This week we will have a couple of livestreams, so mark your calendars, join in the conversation, and connect with fellow conline-goers in real time. This is a really full weekend, so be sure to check out our full schedule here so you don’t miss out!

Saturday, October 24

We’re kicking off the day with a livestream at 1:00pm with Miko CharbonneauHow to Make a Visual Novel.

So you want to make a story-based game, but you’re not sure where to begin? We’ll go over the basics of designing your narrative, art, music, and gameplay. Then, we’ll show you how to build it in a free game engine that’s friendly for new coders. At the end, you’ll have everything you need to get started making your visual novel come to life!

After that there will be the 2:30pm panel A Case for Cozy: Why We Need Wholesome Games.

Playing wholesome and cozy video games has become more prominent and, dare we say, kinda cool? From Animal Crossing to Calico, an increasing number of titles allow players to take a break, relax, and enjoy a gentler side of life, as well as provide more opportunities for inclusivity within the gaming community. Let’s get comfy and discuss what makes a game ‘wholesome’ and discuss why we shouldn’t hide the fact we want kinder, gentler games to enjoy!

At 4:00pm join us for an enlightening discussion panel You Don’t Look Gay: Queer Women in Esports

What is the correct response to, “You don’t look like a lesbian”? It’s certainly not, “Thanks.” Perhaps, “Neither do you, bearded white man, but I’m not going to assume anything.” Already marginalized queer women face further alienation due to sexual orientation. So how do we make Esports a more welcoming place? Join this beautiful spectrum to discuss the current state of LGBTQ gamers and what we can do RIGHT NOW to advocate for each other.

We also have a very special pre-recorded event happening at 5:30pm: Scary Adventure with D20 Dames!

The Dames are invited to a cosplay party at Emerald Forest Adventure Con, but find themselves trapped after some spooky things begin to happen–leaving it up to them and some beloved NPCs to problem-solve. Join us for a special Halloween-themed stream and come dressed in your fave cosplay! Kat, Jen, Brittni, and Jess will be in chat during this pre-recorded episode.

Special Workshop Alert!

Join Foulplay during #GeekGirlCONLINE for a pop-up murder mystery game: a space western, WANDERSTAR! Each game can host 15 players and is suitable for players ages 15+. This game is free, but registration is required! WANDERSTAR is a freeform unscripted murder mystery game, you decide whodunnit and how to accomplish your goals! Players will need a desktop/laptop computer, internet, and a webcam. Dressing up to the theme is encouraged but not required! Feel free to wear your Halloween costume! 

Description: A mountainous landscape painted in shades of orange feature the text “WANDERSTAR: Remote Worlds. A Murder Mystery Game You Can Play Online!”

This workshop is not on Twitch – Sign up here: tickettailor.com/events/foulplay/435522. For more info on WANDERSTAR, check out our blog here.

Sunday, October 25

[Image description: A lineup of various hats against an orange background and the text “Wearing all the hats, Valve.”]

Sunday is full of our amazing Featured Contributors! We’re starting the day big with one of our sponsors, Valve! Join us for WEARING ALL THE HATS: Adventures in Gaming and Tech with the Women of Valve at 2:30pm.

Join a panel of women from Valve sharing their experiences wearing all of the hats as they contribute to games, Steam, and VR, discussing topics ranging from mechanical keyboards, wildlife tracking, imposter syndrome, confidence, humility, design, and playtesting.

Description: Helen Chiang, Lydia Winters, Deanna Hearn, and Anita Sujarit pictured with the text “Streaming October, Behind the Blocks, The Women Making Minecraft.”

We are just gonna keep it coming with the next panel with another Featured Contributor, Behind the Blocks – The Women Making Minecraft w/ Helen Chiang at 5:30pm.

Meet the women making Minecraft: Head of Studio Helen Chiang, Chief Storyteller Lydia Winters, Minecraft Creator GM Deanna Hearn, and Executive Producer Anita Sujarit as they discuss being a leader inside one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world, Minecrafting for good, career tips for industry pros and newcomers, and what excites them as they look to the future of gaming.

Weekend 3 Recap: Arts & Literature

Last weekend, we were all delighted by a full schedule of Arts & Literature programming. If you missed any of the panels, you can always catch up on our YouTube channel

Coming Up: GeekGirlCONLINE Week 5 Finale

GeekGirlCNOLINE may be coming to a close next weekend, but we still have a few tricks (and treats) up our sleeve! Get your groove on at our Halloween Dance Party with Robyn Warren on Friday, October 30, 6-8pm. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join this is a body-positive, judgment-free, 100% online dance party. For more information, read this blog post about the event. 

Get your pay-what-you-want tickets here: showclix.com/event/geekgirlstrong-dance-party.

The Virtual Expo Hall & Official #GGC Merch

Everyone is loving our Virtual Expo Hall, filled to the brim with the creative efforts of our lovely exhibitors. You can also check out our 2020 official merch online

Reach out on Social

Use the hashtag #GGCOnline and let us know what you loved about the first three weekends of GeekGirlCONLINE!

We know this time is challenging for our community. We know you are anxious, lonely, sacred, and feeling disconnected. So are we. 

Keep up the good fight, geeks! We are here for you.

Description: A cartoon of a gaming console and a sword.

Rebecca Anglesey
“Rock On!”

Rebecca Anglesey

One of Becca’s earliest memories is watching her mom play The Legend of Zelda on their NES. Fascinated by the storytelling medium of video games, Becca became an avid gamer. From MMOs like Final Fantasy IVX to catching them all in Pokémon, Becca loves the experience of watching a good story play out. This love of storytelling didn’t just stop at video games. Becca loves watching movies and television shows, and of course reading almost anything she can get her hands on! Favorite stories include Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Sailor Moon, Lord of the Rings, and a whole lot more. Becca is a native of the PNW. She was born in Aberdeen and worked as a pastry chef in Seattle for 10 years before returning to school. She recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Washington Bothell and is looking forward to her next adventure.

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