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In yesterday’s post, we got to look at all of the amazing teams and organizations focused on helping women further themselves career-wise as a part of GeekGirlConnections — but that’s not all we have in store. Various non-profit organizations and community groups will also be joining us at the convention. All of these groups share similar missions and ideologies as we do here at GeekGirlCon. Just as we are passionate about celebrating the achievements and representation of women in geek culture, we thrive to nurture a community where inclusiveness, acceptance, and support are all highly upheld. In one way or another, each one of these teams works just as hard to strengthen that goal. Not only will you connect professionally, but get to know your community and learn how you can get involved at GeekGirlConnections.



ACLU of Washington
ACLU provides legal assistance and advocacy for both individuals and community groups by taking on major law reform through litigation and legislative action. They are keenly attuned to civil rights issues, dedicated to defending and expanding civil liberties for all regardless of race, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. ACLU distributes pamphlets and educational material to, as well as provides speakers to various schools and communities throughout the state of Washington. 



Living Computer Museum
Located in Seattle, the Living Computer Museum is a bastion of tech history. They are dedicated to preserving the showcasing working examples of computers and tech from across time. Not only do they hope to reflect how far we’ve come, but they also hope to inspire future innovation. The museum was initially curated by Microsoft cofounder Paul G. Allen, and continues to work tirelessly in the restoration of classic models to pristine condition — and they’re all functional. That functionality is vital, they believe, as we cannot understand a machine without interaction and experience.



All Cycles
All Cycles is a Seattle-based grassroots outreach project that collects donations of pads, tampons, wet wipes, and various sizes and styles of underwear for homeless or income-insecure people in the Seattle area. For people of all or no genders who have cycles, All Cycles has collected over 52K pads and tampons for those in need.

All Cycles will collecting donations on both Saturday and Sunday during the convention, so make sure to bring extra box of tampons and support the community.


Extra Life
Extra Life, an extension of the Children’s Miracle Network, is a community of gamers using their passion for gaming to help raise funds for sick children that need some extra support. The Seattle Guild represents the Seattle Children’s Hospital, where their raised funds go towards the hospital’s highest needs. Yesterday, our own Gaming Event Coordinator, Andy, and our Merchandise Manager, Shubz, participated in a 24-Hour D&D livestream to fundraise with Wizards of the Coast. 



The Big Brained Superheroes Club encourages kids to unlock their hidden superpowers that all youth have the ability to tap into. They strongly focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), and developing leadership and teamwork skills. In age groups of 3+ and 14+, BBSC meets after school at the Yesler Community Center, where kids can participate in a handful of fun, geeky projects. From building basic electrical circuits, to getting hands-on with computer science, kids are encouraged to use their superpowers to help build a more creative, imaginative world. 



Emerald City Admirals
Emerald City Admirals Quidditch understands that just as it is in the books, Quidditch (without the perks of airborne broomsticks) should be totally inclusive. The Emerald City Admirals are Seattle’s premier adult team, and welcomes any member of the community to partake in the full contact, cardio-intensive sport. They’ve fostered a fun, athletic, and safe atmosphere where all are welcome to play regardless of gender, gender identity, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.



Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts of Western Washington helps empower young women of every race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, or geographic location to live life to the fullest potential, pursue their dreams, and make the world a better place. Through practice in leadership building, the Girl Scouts give girls very real opportunities to shine their brightest and work together.

Aside from GeekGirlConnections, the Girl Scouts can also be found in our gaming section helping out our GeekGirlScouts teach people how to play some fun games!

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